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Ootoya Revisited @ Suntec City

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Has been ages since I headed to Ootoya and with a free drink temptation, dinner it was at Ootoya!

grated yam

Neba Neba ($7)
grated yam, natto, tofu

I fell prey to grated yam. This was a challenging dish – when in the first place I am no fan of all things squishy sqooshy or lacking bite. This came across as bland baby food with the starchy texture – largely attributed to natto and egg yolk. I love my yams but this was way too much to bear, nothing a dash of salt and sesame seeds could do to save it either.


Char grilled chicken salad

The dressing made all the difference though ingredients were quite similar to Torisalad.


Torisalad ($13) 
Chargrilled chicken salad with basil
Basil is usually not the most preferred herb but Ootoya served up quite a decent salad with this. Loved the dressing and vegetables put together for this salad. Oiishii much! Grilled chicken went well too, great for the carnivourous herbivore.
kimchi pork

Pork Kimchi
Pork that was way too tough for proper chewing. Liked the tasty kimchi based cabbage stirfry!

whole shot

Kokuto Pafe ($7)
Egg castella cake, brown sugar, whipped cream

Missing out on their much raved about desserts was a great regret the other visit. This was a parfait in a glass – coffee icecream, castella sponge, bananas and cream with sweetened beans. Remarkably light and moist sponge with cream! So simple and delish.

Pity the coffee icecream was icy otherwise, this made me think twice about ootoya. The one dessert turned the tables on me, impressed much. What makes them stand out is their dessert menu is not the regular icecream mocha or black sesame icecream but more complex ones like these.  

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