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Octa Hotel Revisited @ Parco Millenia

I pounced at the opportunity to visit when it first opened but have not been in the area for a revisit. That’s the thing about cafes these days, lacking a returning factor.


The cutlery at Octa never fails to elicit gentle cooing – very cottage and countryside I say. Little details like flowers or swirls make dining such a pleasant affair.


I probably do not have the patience with such mini blooms.


While a hand drawn menu may come across as amateur, it is befitting of the place though. I have to admit blueberry cobbler did look mouldy with the amateurish scribbles.




Salad Petite sized given the fluffed up lettuce leaves. The Japanese really know how to petite-tize anything and make food guiltless with the portions. Dusted with pepper and salt, this was really all of cute than substantial.

The crusty toasts were quite decent.


Upclose of the beany salad.


Cheesecake ($8) 

Frozen berries on top a warm cheesecake may seem mismatched visually but they tasted so great together. Frozen to nearly ice, the berries were fruit rocks literally. Loved the buttery taste of the cheesecake and how unassuming it looked yet tasted quite like paradise. Nice balance of cheese infact.



Served in a cute teacup, I reckon that already made ordinary coffee taste notches better.

With the proliferation of several Japanese cafes within Parco Millenia, I should have taken a walk around before heading back to Octa – that was the sentiment when I walked out. That just validates another visit then!

Tea time is leisurely at Octa – great for people watching and whiling the day away. They have tea time sets to the tune of $12.80 per tray.

Octa Hotel
Parco Millenia

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