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Group Therapy Cafe Revisited @ Duxton Hill

I do get withdrawal symptoms when I do not visit my favourite hangouts for awhile. In fact, Ember and Group Therapy are just a few that I make regular mental reminders to head back to feed the fix. I was getting all excited with their facebook updates of their chilli crab claw pies but they are so well received, stock is only reserved for weekends. That justifies a weekend return for this, then!

group therapy

Stealing time away from work for Group Therapy is always rewarding. No doubt the place was packed beyond measure yet they were left with a random table. 


On the tap!


Coffee for the addict, claims it's one of the best.

poached eggs

Poached Eggs ($15)

Further reaffirms why Group Therapy is crazy awesome, their hollandaise sauce is done so fine that it becomes the yardstick for a good hollandaise henceforth. Not too sour nor too creamy and not quite in overabundance. Thick toast, smoked salmon, runny eggs and perfect hollandaise sauce, a recipe for breakfast made so right. 

beef stew

Beef Shank Stew ($15)

They must have tweaked the recipe for this, homemade and hearty stew with a taste of grandma’s kitchen. Loved the rich flavours and beefy chunks. The chips were replaced with a wholesome salad. 

carrot cake

4-layer carrot cake ($8.50)

I cannot leave this place without my favourite carrot cake. Still as fine and dandy and best of all, consistently good. Double hoorays for that.

I lust so much for another return be it food or service. I love to be treated like a friend and the ladies do that! Recognize by face and they are ever so generous with their banter – cheekily musing about my participation in mypaper executive! Thanks for the vote ladies. Like a good friend, this one needs tons of tender loving care and revisits!

One, two, Buckle my shoe;
Three, four, Knock at the door;
Five, six, Pick up sticks;
Seven, eight, Lay them straight...

Let's see how many more visits I can clock!

Group Therapy Cafe
Duxton Hill

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