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Breakfast @ New Majestic Hotel

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A recent staycation at New Majestic Hotel saw us getting complimentary breakfast – which are in actual fact already factored into the stay proper. Here’s a tour around the room booked – goldfish concept and it came complete with “gold fish feed” in the ceiling design. The room comes with complimentary mini bar and a pack of lovingly baked cookies off the kitchen of Cocotte – sister hotels!


A tad sweet but otherwise a nice gesture!

Before I plunge straight into the food, here's a tour of their rooms. Mine was located on the second floor and came with a goldfish design - including fish food incorporated into the design.


And I wonder where the bubbles are.


Perfect for a bubble bath.


Lovely tub!

Majestic Restaurant is the only f and b establishment within the boutique hotel, well for the indulgent, Andre is just next door! Breakfast starts at 8am, an unfriendly time for business travellers methinks, while that timing was for weekends I am not too sure about the daily timings. They are obviously understaffed – nobody to doublecheck your room number and the same waitress doubles up as an order taker as well.


Part one of the limited spread.


The rest of it.


For those ready to take on the naturals for breakfast.

fried eggs

Compulsory mains of eggs (sunny side up or scrambled) and bacon or sausage with a side of greens. I requested for my eggs to be fully cooked – not runny. They arrived omelette-style.


The companion’s sunny side up was a tad over cooked and burnt. At least sausages and bacon were decent. You could also design your own big breakfast with the items on the table – ham, cheese and breads?


Limited range of items available and with such a range, I headed straight for cereal which was the safest and guaranteed delicious. Proved that way!


Baked items of croissants, danishes and muffins. The former was still limp despite being re-baked but smelt good! Slap on any of the jams and I was good to go.

Did not feel peckish enough for Asian selection but there was congee available with a variety of condiments. Fruits, also for the health conscious. Basic, simple breakfast but that really is just that. Do not expect frills at all.

New Majestic Hotel

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