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Sangokai Japanese Restaurant @ Beach Road

I like Japanese food, especially those found in hole-in-wall eateries. In fact, the smaller the better and the more obscure the better. The companion introduced Sangokai to me, a small unassuming eatery by the main road. Reservations were made though when we entered it was absolutely unnecessary since there were only two tables occupied but as the night draw to a close, random people strode in and filled it up quickly. Sparsely furnished and music filling the airwaves ranged from contemporary hits to my Dad’s favourite – Subaru by Tanimura Shinji.


Kanaebi ($8.50)

Riding on the high of grilled shrimp these days, this salt dusted crisp baby prawns were easy to chomp – better with sake but that was not on the agenda. Great alternative to edamame, tasty much!

enoki bacon

Gyu Enoki ($6)

Two skewers of three portions each, beef and enoki is such a complementary combination.

Chicken Liver ($4)

Not a fan of liver except goose liver, this was pretty good with the sauce brushed on.


Sashimi Salad ($15)

This was all of tangy and refreshing with yuzu sauce drenching the chopped lettuce and diced sashimi.

sword fish

Swordfish Sashimi ($14)

Fresh and thickly sliced, I relish swordfish much better than salmon actually. In a tie with tuna belly for personal favourite. Loved the bite and explosion of juices. Loved the idea of freshly grated wasabi as a side too.

miso clam soup

Akari Miso Shiru ($5.80)

Miso-based clam soup with silken beancurd. Loved the delicate flavours that clearly was not the usual MSG-laden instant miso soup. Bowl’s-up for this!

flaming dragon

Flaming Dragon Roll ($19.80)

Torched sushi roll with ingredients like beef, tempura prawn and eel embedded within. Delicious but the rice could do with a better grade.

fried fish

Karei Karaage ($12.80)

Two types of fish fried – a beautiful sight to behold! Tempura dory fish was decent and the deep fried fish was the bomb – completely edible right down to the tail. That crispy and nary a trace of oil. Impressive one, Sangokai! Loved the fried garlic bits that added much flavour too.

Affordable Japanese cuisine at a pop of what others would charge exorbitantly for. Would love to head back for more!

Sangokai Japanese Restaurant
327 Beach Road

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