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Gelato Di Posto Storico @ Baghdad Street

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spot the shop

Located on the second floor of a shophouse, Gelato Di Posto Storico already stands out for being selling gelato in a row of shophouses indulging in Indian or Middle Eastern cuisine. I made my way upstairs to this cosy eclectic attic shop. 


The culprit peeping from above.

icecream counter

Tempting flavours.

connect 4 

For the inner child.


With corners of nostalgia like an old school telephone or having childhood games like china made connect -4 simply ups the comfort level of this place. 


Waffles and ice-cream pretty much dominate majority of the menu, I headed straight for Seasalt Caramel ($3.70). Balance of sweet and savoury was lacking, hinging more towards sweet and the consistency of icecream was thin. 

sparkling water

Sparkling water ($2) was reasonably cheap.

Great for crowd watching from above – the film covered spaces of where windows should be made it easier to listen to the symphony of arab street.  

Gelato Di Posto Storico
20A Baghdad Street

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