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Tastings Room Revisted @ Marina Square

tastings room

Brunch one weekend with likeminded pals. For convenience sake we all headed to Tastings Room. Lo and behold, we were lucky enough to snag a room away from prying eyes with maximum freedom to laugh and have a great time together.

french onion soup

French Onion Soup ($7.90)

Cheese toast was missing from this and the plate seemed too huge for the measly portion.

truffle fries

White Truffle House Fries ($9.9)
Fries tossed with white truffle salt and truffle oil served with truffle mayonnaise

Salted fries drizzled with the immensely fragrant truffle oil and truffle infused mayo was truffle heaven! Two portions of these were barely enough to quell the hunger.


Eggs Hemingway ($19.9)
Limited Portions Daily – Dill cured salmon fillet served with two runny poached eggs served with a Colbert hollandaise

Thickly cut salmon fillet prettily presented with poached eggs. The companions who ordered this polished it off cleanly. 


Eggs Blackstone ($17.9)
Perfectly poached eggs sitting atop two slabs of maple glazed bacon chop served with a Moutarde hollandaise

Replacing salmon is a well charred bacon chop which was too tough to even cut through. Eggs benny were overcooked somehow.

yolk flow

The straw that broke the pig's back for this one was the hard as nails toast.

banana custard pancakes

Banana and Custard Pan Cake ($14.9)
Banana and smooth custard sandwiched between three layers of fluffy pancakes topped with mixed berries and maple syrup

I had my eye set on the pancakes, seems that the pancake craze started on its own following Eggs Benedict. A trio of fluffy pancakes which reminded me of hotcakes. These were lathered generously with mildly sweet custard and bananas.

pancakes sliced

For once, I wish maple syrup was drizzled more generously.


Seafood Tomato Pesto Linguine ($22.9)
Linguine served with a medley of seafood tossed in sun kissed tomato pesto

This came with a dollop of foam which started a table worth of jokes about deconstructed food and molecular gastronomy. Nonetheless, deemed tasty for the hungry one.

chocolate durian

Chocolate D24 Durian Cake ($11.9)
Sinful dark chocolate wrapped over cake layered with real D24 puree

At nearly 12 buckeroos, the portion of this was too small. Pricey affair. Not the bestest rendition of durian sponge cake somehow, on the sweet side and yes it reeked of D24 durian because it was left to thaw.

Service is very attentive, with the waitresses popping by every now and then to check on us. Food is decent at best though my agenda of pancakes were not entirely fulfilled.

Tastings Room
Marina Square

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