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Song Fa Bak Kut Teh @ New Bridge Road

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Bak Kut Teh, how I love thee...somehow or another, this staple has since waned from the diet. I am still very much a pork lover, pork rib lover too yet having bak kut teh over gatherings does not seem to go well with most these days. By a strange twist of fate, my Japanese colleagues seem to love it as much as Chilli crabs every single visit. I say good education by the travel guides that list bak kut teh, chilli crabs and laksa as must tries.

Shamefully I made my way to Song Fa with the colleague excitedly telling me her preference of Song Fa over

Even more awkwardly, I had my colleague tell me the history of it - It was a dish eaten by coolies who took it as a tonic. 


Song Fa's decor is pretty much like Food Republic's with re-created nostalgic corners.  

bak kut teh

Pork Rib Soup ($6.50)

This comes in two sizes, regular and large for the ravenous. I would have been more inclined for a massive pork rib feast but self consciousness got the better of me. Peppery broth meats meaty pork ribs. Tasty to the last drop, even the garlic tasted so good. Free soup refills make their way around.

Groundnuts ($1.20)

These were not braised in soya sauce but steamed ground nuts. Delish nonetheless.

Dough Fritters ($1)

I never thought much of dough fritters dipped in bak kut teh soup but this attempt changed it all. I like them soggy, for once. 

The meal ended amidst continuous chorusing of "Oiishii!" and for a split second, I re-evaluated this national pride. Yes, I should be eating more of this. One let slip that each time someone heads back to their hometown, a farewell meal over Bak Kut Teh is a must. I swear, that moment was a proud one, for a Singaporean no less. 

Reasonably good food and judging from the crowd, it is completely understandable why there are two stalls just a couple of arm's length away from each other - which I mistook for yet another case of Fei Fei Wanton Mee and the feuding siblings. 

Song Fa Bak Kut Teh
17 New Bridge Road (Tel: 6438 2858 ) #01-01

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  1. same! It was only recently when I dipped the dough fritters into the bak kut teh then i realised what I have been missing. Soggy yet so nice (for once)

  2. This post brings back my first taste of song fa bkt :)
    I am not a fan of bkt few years back until I tried song fa and I still remember I try to dissuade my friend to try this! Hahaa
    Good thing I did and I will visit them tml.

  3. @Foodie Fc: ^5! Missing it big time.

    @Juggernaut: Whoa..I must be missing something here, it was my first attempt at song fa! I wanna be back like SOON!