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The Wine Connection @ Robertson Quay

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wine connection

Wine Connection at Robertson Quay has spun off another outlet called Wine Connection Tapas and Bistro. The former has stopped serving food partially, leaving only a limited range of nibbles. Rigid charge policy they have. Prices of the same wine will cost more at the newer outlet and bills cannot be combined.

white yum

One of the many bottles to start off the night.


One of the many glasses that I remember drinking. Not the bestest riesling but this was not too acidic, laced with a mild sweetness.


Wine Connection Platter ($19) 
2 cheeses, olive, duck rillettes, smoked salmon mousse, spiced beef rolls, parma ham, grissini

This is a collection of their best sellers. Brie and Gouda are easy on the palette for non-cheese lovers, though I was secretly hoping for blue cheese. Duck rillete was somewhat oily thouugh great with walnut bread which was served separately.

Dips Platter ($19) 
Hummus, Dukkah and Olive Oil, Sundried Tomato Pesto, Tzaiki, Feta Cheese served with Pita and Veggies Sticks 

The more memorable one was hummus, quite like pate but smoother. Pita bread was great too.


Hummus ($3), Salmon Mousse ($4.50), Tomato Pesto ($5) with Tomato Bruschetta ($2.50)

A repeat of the dips with bruschetta. I never thought too highly of bruschetta - toasted bread slices with salsa but this was quite good. Crunchy and well flavoured.

3 Cheese Pizza ($9.90)

The least exciting of the lot, pizzas was plain ordinary without much fanfare. 

I would have preferred a more substantial bar food menu, but I guess that is how the bar and bistro concept came about. Probably a better place for wine and nibbles rather than dinner proper.

Wine Connection
Robertson Quay, Unity Walk

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