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Restaurant Week: Chef D'Table @ Chijmes

Restaurant Week seems to have taken flight, being into its third year running. As usual the popular slots like Ku De Ta, Clifford, Salt Grill and some others were filled way too fast to even consider.

chef d'table

I remember checking out Chef D'Table once and reading tons of raving reviews before so...Chef D'Table was the first stop for Restaurant Week this year!

chef d'table menu

Modern European cuisine is what they specialise in though that is a convenient way of classifying french, italian, british, german and every other country's worth of food in Europe.


Fairly filled for restaurant week, at least 70% at least and business was brisk. No questions asked, I reckon the whole restaurant was filled with RW diners.

wall of

The wall full of accolades.


As usual flower shots hardly elude me.


Bread basket's so part of a multi course meal that I feel lost without one.

bread with dip

Walnut bread and foccacia toasts were served promptly. Nice doughy textures! This came with a dip of olive oil and diced olives.

RW menu was quite extensive, at least choices were given for most courses with some at supplements. I love choices!

soft shell crab salad

Crispy Fried Soft Shell Crab with Garden Mixed Salad lavished with Mango Chutney

Lovely colours with the deepfried soft shell crab drizzled with a cold tangy fragrant tropical sauce of mangoes and peaches. It would have been great if the soft shell crab was served piping hot.

mushroom cappucino

Wild Mushroom Cappuccino


Served in a cup fit for a double espresso portion with foam. I scalded by tongue with the first sip - without warning. Way too hot for comfort. Fortunately or not, the pal's soup was lukewarm. With a mild truffle fragrance, this thin soup was easy to like.


Grilled Pink Dory Fillet with Beetroot Compote and Fine Bean, Lemon Butter Cream Sauce

Filet was a tad thin though the marination was done well, as with the pairing of vegetables. The sourish beetroot mash gave this great contrast.


Slow Braised Iberico Pork Rib Fondue served with Sweet Potato and Garden Pea

These pork riblets were plated so gorgeously, with cream sauce drizzled and fried sweet potato slices and long beans too. I am never a fan of fall of the bone pork yet this had me at first bite. Love, indeed. Flavours were executed and brought together in such harmony. Sweet potato chips were the surprising one, major love going around on the plate.

lychee panna cotta

Lychee Panna Cotta with Seasonal Fruits, Tropical Fruit Coulis

I did a last minute swop of this after spotting it from an arm's length away. Cutely cut fruits aside, the panna cotta was two thumbs, eight fingers and ten toes up awesome! Loved the milky aftertaste and amazingly smooth texture. Lychee was quite seamlessly woven into every bite...floored completely.

mille feuille

Mille Feuille of seasonal with Praline Cream laced with assorted Berry Compote 
Served with vanilla icecream

Good mille feuilles are hard to come by, just like they are hard to find on menus. The pastry was a tad too light and airy fairy. Hazelnut cream and strawberries were an okay combination. As compared to panna cotta, this was lacklustre.


Coffee or tea to end the meal. Found the tea too thin. 

Faultless service though the pacing of dishes was too slow. Each dish was pretty well executed with mostly hits.

Chef D'Table

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