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Merely Icecream @ Sunshine Plaza

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"Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all." Helen Keller once ascribed and I second every single word.

merely icecream

Joining the icecream stable is Merely Icecream, the latest kid on the block! Started by a varsity pal and a couple of likeminded folks, they join the other banking professionals who have decided to take the leap of faith in passion and start off a brand new career in icecream. Icecream is happy food, lifts the mood greatly and never fails to bring a smile.


The view of their icon from inside.


Doing an artistic on their signage.


Located in Sunshine Plaza, this is hard to miss from the entrance sandwiched between two Thai restaurants. Barely a week old, Merely Icecream is a hot favourite amongst La Selle students who throng to the shop readily. When I was there over a late weekend afternoon, students were seen streaming in as well.

girl over counter

Armed with cute icecream fairies and elf, I am sure the younger crowd is within their target audience.


Wall of prices.

gryphon tea

A selection of Gryphon tea to choose from.


They pride themselves in freshly made icecream without any preservatives and they are sold within the day - hence, their closing hours are as variable as the turnout for the day. They open from 11am till supplies run out.

The few flavours I managed to try that day;


Peanut Butter

A personal favourite, this buttery one had chunks of peanut butter clusters within. 

Cereal Milk

Their best seller and inspired by Momofuku's from New York, made with roasted cornflakes soaked in full cream milk and blended into this creamy delight. 


Usually not a strawberry icecream fan, I found some delight in this strawberry icecream with mascerated strawberries tender lovingly treated with sugar.

The wafer cone is freshly made on the spot but I felt it lacked bite. Perhaps waffles next?

roasted walnuts

I was treated to their freshly roasted walnuts with Grypton Chamomile tea, the light tea fragrance that lingered one was pretty amazing!


The companions could not resist yet another waffle cone.

Other flavours include coconut, kaya, oreo milk, chocolate and alcohol flavours like rum and raisin as well as baileys. I am looking forward to their new flavours which will be introduced along the way. Personally hope they will include flavours like yam, singapore sling or even ginger ale!


On a side note, uber high tech with an Ipad doubling up as a cash register...nice! Maybe one with a menu next?

opening special

Their opening promotion included getting 1-for-1 icecream offers for a good 300 hundred people. Other offers are in the pipeline so keep your eyes peeled for those!

Their pricing structure works well for the greedy like me - the more you eat, the cheaper it is. For a triple cone, it worked out to be $8.40, reasonably priced I say.

On a side note, this is not an invited session and I paid for my icecreams. I wish my dear friend all the best in this latest adventure, keep the faith and passion going! 

Merely Icecream
Sunshine Plaza

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  1. Yammmmmmyyy! Yes yam please! Cereal milk sounds just like my thing!

  2. On a side note. These pictures look very familiar lol. (:

  3. @ice: head down for your fix and let me know if you fancy it. :) haha..familiar?