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Chivas Regal Nightlife Book Launch @ House of Chivas

Special thanks to Terald for the invite!

House of chivas

I had the greatest pleasure to be invited to Chivas Regal Nightlife Book Launch a couple of weeks back. A completely cool concept of launching a book in a bar with one of the most recognized whiskey brands around. What upped the cool-factor a couple of notches higher is, this was at the House of Chivas - KPO.

nightlife confi

Some background on the book which I was gifted with! Chivas Regal Nightlife is a book that illustrates the lives of the characters who frequent Singapore's vibrant entertainment and nightlife arena. It promises behind the scenes, juicy snippets of the lives of tireless service staff, bartenders and entertainers who are really the backbone of our nightlife.

I am not quite the clubber per se, though I do enjoy my drinks once in awhile and have gone slightly overboard with the drinks once in a blue moon. Interesting to have a book to document bits of it. 

A perfect gift for tourists next to our over rated travel guides around, I am one who would also love to experience a country through its night scenes - far more exciting than the street life. Best part of it, they will release a new edition every quarter!

Here's my story with Chivas. Some yonks ago when clubbing was all the rage amongst the social circle, I celebrated one of the many "21st" birthdays at St James Power Station. The deal was - down three shots of Chivas neat and I would be let off for the night - without the rara of Flaming Lamborghinis or Long Island Teas which would have been puke-inducing. I was game enough - downed three shots - still managed to catwalk in a straight line and give the two thumbs up.

What happened thereafter was too memorable to forget.


Bar counters always make me trigger happy.


Watching all the action especially.


Here's Crossroads, the more popular of the two drinks for the night. Fruity and zesty, I wish I downed a couple more!

kpo special

KPO Special, a vodka-coke spin off.

all hail!

All hail the king!

chivas 12

The memorable Chivas 12.

chivas 18

I had no clue that there is another spin off from number 12, meet 18. Priced higher than 12 by a fold, the price difference is justifiable. Sweeter on the palette, at least not so rancid nor organ-burning. It includes over 20 of Scotland's rarest single malt whiskeys and is described as "elegant". Very apt description indeed. For whiskey, I am sold on Chivas 18.


Delicious nibbles served all night long - particular favourites go to the italian pizza and fingerlicking good chicken wings!


Awesome. A strong contender of Cityspace's.


I promise to be back for fingerfood and drinks soon!

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