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Cusine Gourmet Studio by Nathalie's @ Jalan Punchak


Cusine Gourmet By Nathalie's is one of those places that was high on the must-visit list. Especially so after missing it out completely the last time. The companion was sweet enough to make advance reservations and we were lucky enough for this newly opened outlet to be located just a stone's throw away from our accomodation!

We literally smelt our way into the restaurant. The bread fragrance could be detected even at the doorsteps!


Too empty for lunch, we were in fact the only diners in the restaurant.

cafe gourmet by nathalie

Limited ala carte options.


Freshly baked baguette rolls.


Served so scalding hot, the butter melted almost immediately upon touch. These crusty lovelies were amazing! Smelt and tasted as great. Doubles of these, as much as I would have loved more refills!

prawn risotto

Prawn Risotto (RM 35)

Rich in flavour, the risotto grains were cooked just right. Well executed indeed.

squid ink pasta

Squid Ink Pasta (RM 35)

Emulsion seemed to be key in their execution of the Italian dishes, well flavoured too!

seafood bento

Seafood Bento (RM 45)

I originally wanted Nathalie's Reccomendation of Beef Tartare, Polent-like French Fries and Salad and was put off by the entirely raw meal. Unlike I was served Seafood Bento, which was amusingly equally raw.


Fresh Tuna Tart and Tapenade

Colourful to look at, the flavours were well captured too. The layers of mousse, tart, avocado, momotaro tomatoes, goat cheese and tuna were complex but simple in flavour.

Fresh Beans Salad, Potatoes, Olive, Poached Quail Egg and Momotaro Tomatoes, Black Olive Oil Dressing

Too salty with the anchovies but I thought the salad was refreshing, especially tomatoes that stole the show completely!

minestrone redefined

Revised Minestrone

I have never been a minestrone fan but this re-intepretation was clean-tasting and tasty.


Chocolate Tart New Age (RM 20

Hard to resist when chocolate's on the menu. Delightful theatrics as the waiter started drizzling hot chocolate sauce on the orb.

melt away

Melting away the shell with absolute grace and charm. I reckon this has been over-replicated to death in tons of Michelin-starred eateries, I enjoyed watching the magic unrevel nonetheless.


Hot Chocolate and icy mango sorbet - never underestimate the wonders of such clashing flavours. Sent to heaven and back. Worthy of a pimple outbreak.

cafe gourmant

Cafe Gourmand (Top up RM 15)
Violet macaron with Blackcurrant Mousse, Blueberry; Tarte Tartin in a Verrine, Caramel Espuma; Macaron

Nathalie's macarons have been praised to the skies by dozens, I had to give them a go.

The vanilla macaron was crumbly to taste and not too sweet. I had my misgivings about the "best" macaron title.


Tarte Tartin without any of the superb tart that most French places deliver with much aplomb.


Belittle this not, the shell was so chewy - literally a blackcurrant macaron deconstructed. Nailed it back and forth. I was sold, even with half a macaron.

Had it not been for the unforgiving schedule and weather ahead of me, I would have gladly packed a box or two of her famous macarons. They go for a princely pop of RM 5, by Malaysian standards that is.

milk tea

Coffee or tea to complete my set lunch. I actually liked my proportions of sugar and milk to finish this to the last drop.

Service is impeccable, food is generally good. I would recommend ala carte to their quick bento sets though. Desserts outshone the mains!

Degustation perhaps, next time?

Cusine Gourmet Studio by Nathalie's
Menara Taipan, Jalan Punchak

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  1. Your seafood bento looks like rabbit food! So little to eat... Besides that one slice of tuna, I don't see other seafood in your bento leh hehe.

  2. @ice: hahaha yah it does huh! hmmmz...that's true, was expecting something more.