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Soyato @ Bugis Junction

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Soyato lays claim on the following - Being so low in calories that one scoop can be burnt off by typing on the computer for an hour!


Peanut butter x praline hazelnut


Praline hazelnut x Banana bread
Praline Hazelnut - Almost mistaken to be the real McCoy without the richness.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip - The closest to the real thing!

Banana Bread and Cinnamon - Not a fan of the bread bits within. Cinnamon hints were too light.

Sampled Honey Lemon and  Bubble Tea, both were rather liquid than milky. Daring flavours but they did not take flight.

On two attempts of Soyato, the flavours were less outstanding. Not too sure if the pairing had anything to with it. I'm on the fence on having Soya icecream as opposed to the real thing, lacks the satisfaction somehow.
2 Flavours ($5.20)

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