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Post Bar @ Fullerton Hotel

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Following MTM's Movie Night, I have every intention to head back to Post Bar simply because the table next door had some cheese toast dish which smelt and looked unforgettable. Gawwwd, the things that tempt even in the dark!


Back at Post Bar to attempt their food menu!


Trays of nutty nibbles...was not quite in the mood for a drink which would have been complete with nuts.


Crabmeat Pasta

Not the bestest ever eaten, it was simply a tomato-based pasta, perhaps straight off a can tossed with crabmeat pieces. The only thing that was different from a regular pasta was the rabbit-eared-shaped parmesan cookies which were quite delish on their own.


Croque Monsieur

Double Smoked Ham and Gruyere Cheese, Fries
The same cheese sandwich that caught my attention the previous visit, ham and melted cheese sandwich which fared a whole lot better than pasta but not great. The cheese would have been more divine with cheddar or even brie but this was mostly cream cheese.

The only outstanding experience at Post Bar has to be the attentive service but that should be it. Mental note: Bar food should be restricted to finger food.

Have been returning to Post Bar more often than not for drinks when places like 1-Altitude snubbed me.

post bar

I always miss snapping a pic of their famous red post box.
singapore slings

Singapore Slings ($18)! They have a variety of flavours for this national drink and I had them in Almond and Hazelnut. Alcohol is light for these two drinks, can be passed off as mocktails.

My favourite nibbles.

Service at Post Bar is erratic - sometimes warm and attention, otherwise cold and aloof. They do have a private lounge for "exclusive guests".

Post Bar
Fullerton Hotel

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