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Oriole Cafe Revisited @ 313 Orchard

Paid Oriole a visit over one weekend where the crowds were too much to bear and walking did not seem like the next best alternative though the gloomy weather would have been ideal for window shopping as opposed to the regular skin torching ones.


I realise I have a thing or two about the lighting that cafes and restaurants use. Still intrigued by it.

wall menu

Behind the bar where coffee dreams come alive.

bar seats

If you fancy some solitude, a counter seat facing the walkway - perfect for people watching.

menu oriole

Like how the lights cast their reflections on the menu.

chilli coffee

Chilli Chocolate Mocha ($6) for the adventurous, a feat I would not even dare take up on my own. Lacked both the fragrance and lingering coffee taste despite being an "award winning" coffee drink.

sticky date pud 1

Sticky Pudding ($9
Rum, Raisins, Treacle Pudding, Vanilla Icecream

The amount of sin that goes into this is immeasurable and I suggest you do not even start counting else you'd just shy away from eating. Oriole spares no generosity with this - thick caramel sauce blanketing the treacle pudding which was a tad soft, sprinkling of rum plumped raisins all over. To beat it, a huge scoop of vanilla bean icecream to send you on a sugar rush.

sticky date pud 2

While I loved the generous portion, the pudding could have been better with a little more bite. Doesn't treacle pudding ring a bell? So very Enid Blyton methinks.

From the last I visited to date, it was probably the choices made the other time that I did not quite enjoy Oriole that much. Not too sure on the coffee bit but I enjoyed sticky date pudding enough!

Oriole Cafe
313 Orchard

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