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Martini Bar @ Grand Hyatt

when the sun's still shining

Martini Bar has a range of 30 martinis up for selection and the mere thought got me all excited. Happy Hour at Martini Bar is from 6-9pm daily except Sunday, 50% off all drinks except bottles. Lychee Martini is a supposed singature and I was really interested to try. Grabbing likeminded company is easy for Happy Hour and off we were to Hyatt.

bar counter

I do not know when did word get out about Martini Bar or was I the only noob who thought I stumbled on a gem - the place was an open secret. Packed to bits, definitely can rival Morton's Bar's crowd anyday.

pepper cashews

Pepper cashews were served up almost immediately. Loved the crunch and biting aftertaste the pepper left - delish! After two refills, the waitresses were bent on feigning amnesia.


Where the magic all begins.


Country Fries ($10)
Sour cream, bacon, chives

Not your ordinary Farmland criss cut or crinkle cut nor straight cut fries. Thick fries sprinkled with herbs - basically potato spud deconstructed and I was loving every bite.


Served piping hot and made from scratch - dipping into the trio of condiments made these fries more than irresistible.

mini sliders

Mini Cheese Burgers with Fries ($18)

Three unassuming burgers with melted mozzarella spilling out at the sides and thick cut fries. These fries were slightly different from country fries, made of potato mash. I loved that they panfried the buns as well for the slightly greasy finish and well marinated beef patties.

crab cakes

Blue Swimmer Crab Cakes ($18)
Remoulade sauce

Usually not a fan of crab cakes, unless it were Morton's - made with crabmeat chunks. Jackson's Plan taught me a lesson on it and Martini Bar's interpretation was slightly better than Jackson's. At least crabmeat could be tasted in what could have been passed off as tuna cakes. Adored the crispy finish and remoulade sauce - seemed like egg mayo-dill sauce.


Lychee Martini ($19)
Imperla-russian standard, lychee liqueur, lychee syrup, lychees

Their signature and definitely a must order. Three plump lychees bathing in what I know as possibly Singapore's best lychee martini - not too heavy not too light. Yum!

lemon custard

Lemon Custard Martini ($19)
Imperla-russian standard, advocaat, vanilla liquer, lemon juice, egg white

This arrived looking really like pomelo sago - loved the sweet hints of this. Absolutely zesty and delish. Almost lemon custard in the drink.


Coconut ($19)
Imperla-russian standard, malibu rum, fresh coconut juice, coconut peel

Would have wanted hazelnut because of the "white chocolate praline" description but it was unavailable much to my dismay! Liked the tropical hints of this complete with coconut flesh!


Kurrant Affair ($19)
Absolut kurrant, cranberry juice,lemon juice, fresh strawberries

Not too huge a fan of this though but the strawberries were well soaked.

martini love

Another shot of the yummies.

Service is blotchy - prompt and efficient at the start and when the night wore on to a good four hours later, we were mostly ignored. Orders had to be repeated at least thrice, drinks that never quite came until eternity later and finally the bill that caused much irritation. Having bar music spin nonstop for four hours caused quite a riot to the head and I was nursing a headache - having to ask for the bill so many times caused nerves to fray.


Was dark by the time I stepped out - one of the few times I actually lounged at a bar for 4 entire hours but it was the music that got me out. Nonetheless, Martini Bar's for keeps. Love the martinis and bar food. One of those places that nailed bar food to a T, instead of the usual overfried-salty frozen food...Martini Bar does serve up decent nibbles.

Martini Bar
Grand Hyatt

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