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Haato & Co @ Central

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Waffles screamed at me, I stopped dead in my tracks, took a seat and made an order. Simple as that. I just take points off for the rude waiter who had issues explaining what "gelato waffle" meant. Does not help he had an equally punchable face to match.

Throughout the ordeal, I completely forgotten about how bad average their gelatos tasted.

gelato waffle

Gelato Waffle ($7.20)

Ok guys, gelato waffle means waffle with a scoop of gelato on top.Saves you the trouble of facing that waiter and his reluctant explanation.


Crispy spongey waffle, no belgian origins but it was hearty though. At least it outshone the rum and raisin gelato! Strange or not but their gelatos melted away too quickly and barely a trace of milk! Almost as if it were made of water and emulsifiers.

Haato and Co

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