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Cookie Museum @ Esplanade


There is something about Cookie Museum is beckoning every time I walk pass it. From the days of Cookie Museum to VT Room to Cook Museum once again, I finally headed into it for dessert.


The place is done up to such detail and grandeur, the air of opulence lingers one. From ornaments that ring up to 100 buckeroos to tins of cookies that are sold like hotcakes cost to the tunes of 40 buckeroos and above...definitely meant and made for those who appreciate the finer things in life.


Modelled after a quaint European-styled museum, I most certainly felt that way sitting in a cushy extravagant looking chair and watching all the activity from a corner.

tea trolley

When the trolley was wheeled over and the waiter gingerly placed the napkins down with a tweezer, I knew I was in for a atas experience. Over-service to some aspect. He wheeled the trolley in and out with so much grace, I felt chor lor even sitting with my legs crossed. Maybe a flick of the manicured nail and batting of a heavily mascara-ed eyelash would have matched the setting.

chai latte

Chai Latte

baileys cream cheesecake

The whole mind was concentrating on just one order - their liquer teacakes, any flavour possible.They only had two desserts available, neither were what I was looking for. Caved into Irish Cream Baileys Cheesecake ($20) since I was already there.

The tackiest plating...ever. Complete with a plastic tree toy.

Let me try to describe how this twenty buckeroo dessert was put together. A star-shaped cheesecake comes with a nice squirt of whipped cream. Next to it is yet another squirt of cream and a plastic tree toy. Following which, there's barely a shooter of baileys and lastly, a cup of steamed milk.

I would have been floored if the dessert seriously kicked some ass. Dense cheesy cheesecake without a hint of baileys. I figure the baileys came from the shot that was furnished - hint; drizzle it over cheesecake to get some punch. Disliked the jellied bits I stumbled upon in the cheesecake. Clearly I'm not a fan of their cheesecake range.

Complimentary cookie sampling ensued soon after but I did not bear to stay for it. A nightmare-ish attempt at dessert with Cookie Museum.

Cookie Museum

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  1. Always thought their cakes are terribly over priced, but I love their cookies! Which are sadly very expensive too...

  2. i think everything about cookie museum is overpriced. have yet to try their cookies but until then, i'm laying off this place!