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Chin Chin's Eating House Revisited @ Purvis Street

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Chin Chin and I go back a long way! Intermittently, I'd have cravings for their famous pork chops and I'd drag the unlucky company along for a chow down at their eating house.


Same old, same old...same old laminted menus with updated prices.


Aloe vera meets lo han guo...both must haves to wash down the grease if any from their dishes!

beef kuay teow chinchins

Stirfried Beef Kuay Teow

The companion was craving char kuay teow hence this dish! If anything, the similarities of the two...

Equally oily.
Oil, beansprouts and kuay teow as the constants.

Otherwise, it was simply worlds apart. Lacked the oomph and wok hei a good char kuay teow would have. Noodles were a tad soft as well.

belachan kang kong

Sambal Kang Kong

Once again, the chef missed out on his balance of oil here. Wishing it were a tad spicier.

pork chops

Always a must have and satisfyingly so.It's just me that I prefer their version's to Yet Con on the now-defunt Hainese stall next to it. Breaded pork chops doused in a tasty tomato sauce and comes with onions, peas and potato wedges. Ultimate comfort food and consistently so...yay!

Having my favourite pork chops pleasing the tastebuds so...anything else that was subpar was immediately forgotten. Still will return for their porkchops.

Chin Chin's Eating House
Purvis Street

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