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The Cheesecake Cafe Revisited @ East Coast Road

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cheesecake cafe

The only decent shot of The Cheesecake Cafe since photography is strongly prohibited.


The Cheesecake Cafe remains as elusive as ever, no photography and the interior is still as dark. Decided to pop by the cafe after Icecream Chefs' flavours were not enticing enough.


With so many mismatched photoframes and eerie looking characters, albeit beautiful in the night, they exude some sort of mystery that is creepy.


Peanut Butter Cheesecake ($7.60)

The thin layer of peanut butter on top failed to give this the much needed oomph for sin or decadence.

Fresh Mango Cheesecake ($8.50)

Not listed on the menu, this had freshly cut mangoes and jelly on top of the regular cheesecake. That was exactly how it tasted. Cheesecake with mango rather than mango cheesecake.

Not totally a fan of their cheesecakes although it's fluffy and moist, lacks some character in flavours methinks. Would very much prefer if the flavours were infused into the cake, or perhaps I like mine rich hence the mildness does not work for me. Back at Hilton's soon I hope!

The Cheesecake Cafe
East Coast Road

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