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Bibigo @ Raffles City

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It's been awhile since I had korean and being one of those nights that thinking what to have for dinner was a chore, the next best alternative is always to dig into the memory bank of "do not mind trying" for a place. Bibigo offer healthy korean cuisine. I reckon they derived the "healthy" aspect of it from the copious amounts of vegetables that go into the dishes - from small plates to its main dish - bimbimbap.

Bibigo has outlets in Seoul, Beijing and Los Angeles.


Fried Mandoo ($9)

Came with a side of pickled radish and soy sauce, these bite sized fried dumplings were easy to eat. Like fried wanton with a thicker skin, lovely with beer methinks.


Chicken Kimchi Fried Rice ($16)

I love kimchi fried rice and so far, only Le Meridien Foodcourt has managed to capture my heart. Not too sure if the foodcourt is still there but I remember it being one of the best around. Bibigo's interpretation was mushy rice with red sauce without the desired punch nor piping hot fumes.


Sides of dried spinach, fishcake and kimchi were lacklustre at best.

Better options available unfortunately but for a quick lunch, this would be suffice.

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