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282 and CityGolf @ 1-Altitude

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1-Altitude is home to 1-Altitude the bar, Stella the restaurant as well as 282 and Citygolf on the 61st floor. Even on a Saturday early evening, the lady bouncer was curt. "After 6pm, no flipflops allowed."

the lackthereof view

Even at 5-ish pm, these cosy cubicles with a foggy city view were all fully served.

golf simulator

Either snag a seat by the marbled counters or play a game of simulated golf. Supposedly packed during weekday nights when the golf enthusiasts who have no time for the range put their skills to good use at the simulator.

soccer screens

Screens for the soccer fans.

erdinger @ 282

Erdinger Weiss (Germany) $15

Not a beer fan, clearly.


Nuts and muruku made for constant nibbling.

The short while I was there, I witnessed a business conversationg taking place and a few groups of wide eyed tourists snapping away at the foggy view. Cityspace, guys! Still loving Cityspace for the view.

Oh if it's anyone's interest, they do have a resident band that plays away from 6pm. 

UOB Center

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