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Wedding Reception by JTS Caterers

A long time ago, I attended the last wedding of 2010. Congrats J and C! The one where I was posed the most annoying number of noseyparker questions. Does not help the bride's my age. While the rest of the 1000 people who turned up were fretting over when I was tying the knot, I was more concerned about the spread. I guess, having so many people buzzing in your face does burn energy trying to think up a different reason for each.

JTS was the caterer for the night. Four buffet lines set up to feed the thousand. I honestly have never attended a wedding of that size before and crowd control was thankfully well managed. 

cray fish

Cereal Crayfish, Mussels, Chicken Teriyaki, Prawn Tempura, Sweet and Sour Fish, Vegetables

Decent fare though none were particularly outstanding.

khong bak chicken

Live station of Chicken Kebabs with Khong Bak Pau

I had thirds for this! Odd pairing of khong bak pau with grilled chicken yet the tasty chicken and sweet pau pulled it off quite brilliantly.

mee siam 2

Live Station of Laksa

Live stations are queue inducing, proven time and again. Likewise for laksa too.

mee siam

Not hot off the Laksa streets in East Coast, this was terribly far off. Matching in looks but failing in taste.

roast beef

Roast Beef

Gone in a flash, definitely the most sought after in the entire buffet line. The best of the buffet, without a doubt. Tender meaty roast beef.

dessert platter

Dessert platter of cakes and crumbles

Second to roast beef, the desserts were another hot favourite. Or deemed this way since there weren't any refills. Let's just say it was a deliberate attempt by the caterer to slice the cakes so morsel sized. I ended up picking one of every flavour but none stood out.

Special mention goes to the fruit punch, so rich in vitamin C and not watered down, I dare say it's a rarity to swoon over fruit punch but JTS' fruit punch is great!

JTS Caterers

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