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Wedding Dinner @ Shangri-la Hotel


The first wedding of 2011 was given to my secondary school friend! Island ballroom never fails to get me intrigued..from the amazingly huge chandeliers to the intricacies of the false ceilings to their abstract artpieces.

Lighting was way too bad to even attempt a decent photo so...just for memory's sake!

Shangri-La Appetizers Delight
Jellyfish, suckling pig, roast duck, prawn salad, fried moneybag,

A none too spectacular opening by Shang with these being ordinary wedding starters. Was most disappointed with the soggy suckling pig which honestly does not pay enough justice to what Shang Palace is so capable of.

Braised Shark's Fin with Shredded Abalone and Forest Mushrooms

Spoilt rotten with this broth pumped with enough shark's fin to cause a riot. A pity the fins were undercooked and the bowl ended up flooded with fins..too much of a good thing isn't great.

Deep-fried Fresh Soon Hock in Soya Sauce garnished with Coriander Leaves

This smelt better than it tasted after the massacre of the lovely fish under the hands of a clearly inexperienced waitress.Nonetheless, I adored the crispy bits and the fragrance of coriander with it.

Sauteed Crispy Scallops with Shimeiji Mushroom and Kai Lan

Kudos to the kitchen for well seared scallops topped with deepfried scallops for the added crunch.

Crispy Mongolian Chicken "Pik Fong Tong" Style

Ahhh one that's worth seconds, crispy skinned chicken with a dollop of chilli sauce..I was ready for a bowl of hot steaming rice to go.

Braised Seasonal Greens topped with Fresh Crabmeat

The heart took a tumble when it was dished up...for a moment I had the order of dishes jumbled up and thought that it was a repeat of the eefu noodle episode with a mui fan fried rice this time! Turned out otherwise, thankfully. This was the exact same gravy from the eefu noodles piled onto kale which was not a surprise "seasonal greens" per se, given it appeared just dishes before!

Shang Palace Fried Rice

A different take on the usual boring expected eefu noodles, these were peppered with fish roe and tossed in prawns. Not too bad though lacking in wok hei.

Sweetened Cream of Red Bean with Glutinous Dumplings

Ohkay, I'll be upfront with my disappointment when wedding menus include red bean soup and glutinous rice balls though under normal circumstances I do not bear grudges against them.'s a wedding! Think gooey thick starchy red bean soup with a sprinkle of beans and black sesame glutinous riceballs. That was it, in my exact words.

To the blushing bride and her lovely husband...I wish you both eternal happiness.

shangrila invite

The second wedding invite to Shangrila had me furrowing my eyebrows. Okay, I convinced wasn't about the was celebrating someone else's love.


White to start off the night!


Always trust Shangrila for grandeur.


Two types of favours - salt and pepper shakes and aromatherapy oils.


Getting ready for a feast!


Barbequed Whole Suckling Pig

I've never seen anything quite like that before...not for appetizers at least! One full grand pig laid on the table, sliced to delicate bites. Fat-crispy skin-tasty meat...bite after bite...I lost count of the number of slices I had. Send me straight to oink-heaven please. Incredible goodness.


Double-boiled Baby Abalone with Bamboo Pith and Mushrooms

Potful of goodness continues...hearty soup with the greatest treasure uncovered - a full abalone! Indulgence seemed to be the key for the menu this time.


Baked Sea Perch with Teriyaki Sauce

Individual portions were dished out - chunky, fresh and absolutely divine! If all fish dishes tasted so great, I would gladly change my red-meat diet for this and this alone. Hooray to the absence of steamed fish!


Deep-fried Golden Prawn with Wasabi Mayonnaise

Not as great as the first couple of dishes, lacked the punch of a potent wasabi..which coloured the prawns rather than enhance its taste. Nonetheless, still appetizing.


Steamed Herbal Chicken with Ginseng wrapped in Lotus Leaf

Well executed dish though I thought having something steamed brought the exciting journey to a screeching halt.


Sauteed Broccoli with Bamboo Fungus topped with Crabmeat

Crunchy broccoli with crabmeat chunks, I reached for seconds even as the tum was already waving the white flag.


Deep-fried Egg Noodles topped with Assorted Seafood

A different kind of noodle dish replacing the evergreen eefu noodle - pots and pans alert! LOVED IT. Like Fried Sang Mien, the crispy noodles soaked in gravy was simply too good to stop slurping. The fullness of taste from the seafood with the springy noodles. More, more...more!


Chilled Cream of Mango with Strawberries and Pomelo

I was rejoicing when I saw this on the menu. A tad too sour but it was a nice change to the usual wedding dessert.

I have never raved about food at wedding dinners much so, it is even better than having ala carte at Shang Palace proper. Well done Shangrila, you've finally redeemed yourself after all the misadventures.

Shangrila Hotel

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  1. yeah, i agree! i am having my wedding dinner at shangri la and was quite impressed with what we tried at food tasting =)

  2. @yx: congrats on the the new chapter awaiting!~ You can be rest assured that the food on your actual day shd be as pleasing as your food tasting - judging from the recent wedding that I had! Looks like the menu ure picking and my pal's are quite similar!