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Town Restaurant @ Fullerton Hotel

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Decided to do a whimsical staycation at Fullerton Hotel! I never quite understood the hype behind staycations - I would rather get a vacation anytime! Yet sometimes when time is essence or leave is a problem, staycations are good alternatives to enjoying local hotels and behave like a tourist.


Fiddling with the camera in the poshnosh lobby.

fullerton by night

Fullerton at night is what charms me over and over again. Love the whole colonial design about it!


Fullerton, Raffles Hotel and Goodwood are the few that have such lovely historical backgrounds to the architecture! Had the basic Courtyard room that has the million dollar facing of the Fullerton lobby, there are rooms overlooking CBD as well. Other than the high bed, the room was spacious and adequate but lacking in wow-factor.

movie snack menu

Movie snack menu in the room! With prices jawdroppingly opportunistic...but well, comfort does come at a hefty price.

sunday crowd

Morning breakfast was at Town Restaurant. A word of warning, weekend breakfasts are crowded affairs. So crowded, getting the attention of waiters is tricky.

big breakfast

Salad Bar - Butter lettuce, hams, smoked salmon, tomatoes

Save for smoked salmon and butter lettuce for bacon, I actually did not touch the salad bar much.


Cheese board - Brie, Blue Cheese, Smoked Cheese, Preserved Fruit and Nuts

preserved fruits

Cheeses always get me all excited and there was an adequate spread...good enough for a cheese addict like me! Oh special mention goes to their raisins, larger than the delmonte or sunmaid ones that I usually snack on..these come complete with twigs and seeds and oh-so-sweet!


Baked goods - Danishes, croissants, waffles, banana bread, muffins, donuts

baked goods

Immensely fragrant and soft muffins and banana bread. I found the croissant alright but did not think too much of their dry danishes. If I must mention, the pumpkin muffin stoof out quite spectacularly.


Table jams...!


Waffles came with a selection of maple syrup, cream cheese, peanut butter, jams, nutella and even kaya!

waffles x bagel

I dig the selection of jams and accompanying spreads that came with the dreadfully dry waffles.

Live station - Eggs, Noodles

I bothered enough with omelette only. It must be the increasing tolerance towards runny eggs that scrambled eggs and runny omelettes have included themselves in my menu. Thought the omelette was not too bad with tasty bits of peppers and ham.

Congee - Teochew or Japanese

Tried neither, too boring.


Dimsum - Shrimp Dumpling, Panfried dumplings, Glutinous Rice Dumpling. Chee Cheong Fun

bak zhang

If Jade had anything to do with their dimsum selection at breakfast, it is a no wonder I never returned. If there was anything better than decent, had to be their glutinous rice dumplings.

The adventurous - Mini curry puffs, Siew Bao, Curry Chicken, Vegetable Curry, Prata

I thought the freeze-and-thaw pratas were quite good! Tasty curries too. No wonder I spied a number of diners piling their plates high with white rice and dousing it with curry.

big breakfast2

Big Breakfast works - Streaky Bacon, Turkey Bacon, Baked Beans, Scrambled Eggs, Grilled Tomato, Pork and Chicken Sausages

I never knew the major differences between streaky and turkey bacon. The latter tastes more processed. 

Fruit Selection


I had the kitchen cut the peach up and they presented it in a flower design - cliche but cute.

Unimpressive breakfast buffet spread, good enough to refuel for the day but not good enough for a 6 star hotel like Fullerton. I was perhaps expecting more.

In a span of two days, the folks at Town Restaurant did not change the menu which is surprising. I've honestly not been to a single hotel buffet that does not change its menu. Ok, just one change - yakitoris were replaced with braised chicken. In all that dreariness, I can tell.

They do have a famous Sunday Champagne Brunch that seems to spell all things luxe, the range of desserts is enough to make me weak in the knees. Not too sure if the standard of Brunch is going to be miles better but not hurrying to attempt that anytime. 

Town Restaurant 
Fullerton Hotel

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  1. those raisins might have been sunview organic raisins. My favourite!

  2. wow...and where can I get them! Miss them big time!