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Sidewalk Tavern @ East Coast Road

sidewalk tavern

Sidewalk Tavern sits along a stretch of shop houses that seem to be a juxtaposition of the modern and more upmarket eateries of Lemongrass, PizzaHut and even Cafe Cartel. Think a Khmer eatery next door and a coffeeshop that looks like it was transported over from Malacca on the other.For a weekday night, it was a comfortable crowd with most indulging in their range of beers. I was half tempted to go for the cutest sounding "wychcraft".

chicken plate

Chicken Parmigiana ($13.90) 

Labelled "damn shiok", I took that as an alternative to "chef's special" or "must try". Portions are suffice for two with the large breaded chicken chop with a layer of melted mozzarella. The first bite was delicious but subsequent ones turned to disappointment.

chicken cheese

If not for the mozzarella, this was a chicken chop with soggy breadcrumbs and bland chicken.

steak plate

Mixed Grill ($18.90)
Ribeye, Porkchop, Sausages, choice of pepper or mushroom sauce

It was initially meant to be eggs benedict but the kitchen somehow did not/could not whip up a fresh batch of hollandaise sauce, we made the switch.


The kitchen was nice enough to replace pork chop with another ribeye, done medium.

Simply put, everything was tasteless. Perhaps it was the chef's intent for the diner to dip, douse, drown the meats in sauce but on its own there was no charred fragrance nor beefy taste at all.

Service is generally warm though the food took quite long to reply. Till I warrant enough courage for a return.

Sidewalk Tavern
924 East Coast Road

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  1. Showing old menu cover. Sidewalk Tavern has been extensively renovated and with a new menu which looks nothing like what is shown in this blog. Suspect blogger is less than impartial. Curious comments as restaurant is usually very busy and seems very popular with locals. It has a dedicated, regular clientele.

  2. hi there, this visit was done earlier part of this year. Well, taste is always subjective. :) My experience with them just didn't sit well with me. Hope you had a better one.