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Shang Palace Revisited @ Shangrila Hotel


Back at Shangrila to try out their dinner sets.Unlike the other time where I thought dimsum was offered at dinner time, do note it is only available for their set dinners. Dimsum is still limited to weekend and public holiday breakfast and lunch!

Headed for the "Snow Floating on Green Lake" menu.


Appetizer of pickled nuts, beancurd cubes and beans ($5) was great for picking at. I always prefer this to nuts before a meal which fills you up too much.


Song of the "Spring" trio cold dish combinations

Pickled vegetables - Does not pack a punch that achar would, this was lighter yet still refreshing.

stewed chicken

Stewed Chicken - Personally not a fan of soft chicken meat, this was beyond soft. Too soft in fact.


Jellyfish with Octopus - Tasted fresh from a pack.

basket of dumplings

Hongkong Dimsum selection

Too much starch in the dimsum skin which caused tearing when they were lifted off the rice papers.

bunny dimsum

Supposedly a bunny ear-ed dimsum with springroll stuffings.

None stood out spectacularly and I'm already having second thoughts about returning for their dimsum brunch on Sundays.

soup of the day

Soup of the day

This was served way too hot; tongue scorching hot in fact. Very homemade. I ended up dipping my simmered pork cubes in soya sauce for more flavour. Otherwise, the chestnut and carrots were a tad over cooked.


Steamed Sea Perch, Smoked Yunnan, Preserved Vegetable

It's always a great pity to have a good ingredient and overcook it. This was the case with the sea perch. Overcooking it caused the meat to be tough, lacked the succulence and layer of oil that would permeate in every bite. Sigh, pity!

rice vermicilli

Braised Rice Vermicilli with "Tai O" Salted Fish and Minced Pork

Yet another homecooked one when the lid was unveiled. Homecooked bak chor mee? This had to be it, minced pork, asparagus and shrimp with rice vermicilli. Wholesome goodness albeit a tad oily. Has to be the most outstanding mains for the meal!

Sweet Fancy Duets

mango pudding

Mango Sago with Pudding - Pudding had too much gelatin, rendering a tower of indestruction.


Coconut Red Bean Kueh - Dense confectionery with a lovely tropical flavouring to it, liked it!

pineapple tart

Pineapple Tart - I honestly have no high hopes for hotel festive items because of the nightmares I have encountered..yet this was a surprise popper.

sliced pineapple tart

Served warm, this crusty pastry was all of love. I am contemplating getting a bottle or two to continue nibbling at home! Retails at $24 for 2 bottles of approx 11 pieces each. A more than decent attempt by Shang on this CNY delicacy. Buttery crust meet sweet-sourt pineapple pulp.Say YUM!

Priced at $38++/head, it is incredible value for dinner in particular. Unlike ala carte that showcases alot more of the chef's skills and finesse, the set menu is alot more homecooked and down to earth. Still prefer their dishes to dimsum, if a choice has to be made.

As usual, each visit to Shangrila is hardly complete without dropping by the cakeshop, especially when they are 50% after 6pm.

chestnut whisky

The Peak ($7.50)
Whisky, Chestnut

The waitress recommended the Raspberry Mousse over this but we decided otherwise. Whisky I can barely discern but the iced chestnut was good. Nothing too impressive.

lemon bar

Lemon Bar ($6.75)

Shell shocked at how the pastry chef would even roll this out as a dessert. A thickened lemon curd shaped into a bar. That was it. Neither zesty nor refreshing..this was oddly sweet.


Purely Berries ($6.75)

A sponge so dry and light, it was barely soggy despite the amount of mousse sitting on top the sponge. You either like or hate it.

A great pity this visit did not spin off any memorable cake mentions...perhaps the bakery items have alot more consistency and quality. Even at slightly before 7, most of the bakery items have flown off the shelves, save for icing donuts which were also gone in half an hour.

Shang Palace
Shangrila Hotel

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