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Mulligan's Irish Pub @ Clarke Quay

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I honestly think there's no "best" or "ideal" time for chilling - as long as the mood allows for it and with the best company, drinks will taste great even at 9am in the morning. Have yet to attempt a pint first thing in the morning though!

Irish Pubs and me have always been brushes...until I decided to walk into one. Irish food interests me though.Guinness pies already sound delicious.

mulligans pub

Somewhere along the streets of Clarke Quay, before the night action starts.

happy hour

Happy hours are always love!


Dig the whole visual imagery of barrels used as tables.

more barrels

Still obsessed with the barrels! The indent into the barrel serves as great stoppers for any spillage - witnessed a spilling of an entire pint of beer and broken glass but none of which trickled onto the ground. Smart eh!


A glass of white ($12) to add some bubbly to the weekend...! They probably left the bottle of white out in the open too long or exposed it, lacked the fizz to begin. Tasted a tad watered down too.


My shot of Cement Mixer ($14) with baileys and lime cordial. As separate as it looked, as separate as it tasted. Nary a brain freeze...what a disappointment!

Food next, perhaps!

Mulligan's Irish Pub
Clarke Quay

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