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The Moomba Tuckshop @ Battery Road

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the moomba

The Moomba Tuckshop first strikes for its cutesy name and then it's underground concept...followed by the fact that it is always closed after office hours and weekends. That, further piqued the interest to try. Like the now defunct Marmalade Pantry at Hitachi Towers, the place reeks of sandwiches. At least nobody can walk out without smelling like one.


Headed there for lunch with an accomodating gf one day!


Chorizo - caponata pasta salad ($9)

We had it reheated, loved the cheese bits and sauce they used to toss the chorizo pasta salad in. Not too huge a fan of chorizo still. Lovely creamy finish! Comes in half portions too for the not so peckish. 

Miniatures are for people like me in particular, who love variety...loads of it. Imagine my delight when the girl over the counter offered the option of mini sandwiches with six of their top flavours. At the sound of it, I was already sold.

Toasted and served in half a minute flat, I was surprised by their service level.

top down


Mini Sandwiches ($10)
half a dozen of their delicious sandwiches, miniaturized for your convenience

Roast Beef
mustard mayo, fresh tomato slices, sauteed shitake mushrooms and caramelized onions, on walnut bread

I like roast beef sandwiches but this failed to create much of an impression, slices were a tad too thin.

Tea smoked chicken
mustard mayo, fresh tomato slices & fresh greens, on onion sage bread

Struck me as a roast chicken sandwich than tea smoked, liked the tenderness of this.

Ham and Swiss Emmenthal Cheese
mustard mayo, raisin chutney, fresh tomato slices & onion sprouts, on basil brioche bread

Simply ham and cheese but not a fan of the basil brioche.

Wagyu Pastrami
dijon mustard and russian special slaw dressing, swiss emmenthal cheese and saukeraut

Saukeraut gave this an added zest, not too bad! The russian special slaw dressing was really just coleslaw.

Vegebite with portobello mushrooms
avocado spread, tomato pesto, fresh tomato slices, caramelized onions, marinated capsicums and onion sprouts, on tomato bread

Too many vegetables spoil the meal methinks, as much as I love vegetables.

Sugar cured salmon
avocado spread, tomato pesto, fresh tomato slices, caramelized onions & onion sprouts, on spinach bread

Just smoked salmon though not much of a sugar kick in this.

Miniatures are perhaps not the best way to "taste" a sandwich but in all its petiteness, I had a good time trying the flavours out. Personally think the flavoured bread had alot more density than the toasts and brioches. Particularly adored the avocado spread which was creamy and so very healthy! If anything, their breads smell really good and are more outstanding than the fillings proper but that could be attributed to the miniscule portions of stuffing in each miniature!

Wish I had space for their miniaturized desserts too!

The Moomba Tuckshop
Battery Road

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  1. hmm what a pity, i remember having really good sandwiches at Moomba Tuckshop...

  2. hi there! yes ive heard so much abt their awesome sandwiches, will probably try them full-sized for a better judgement. :)