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Mei Xiang Black and White Fish Soup @ Jalan Berseh Food Centre

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At the strike of 11.12am, Mei Xiang's business spring alive. As much of an amusement it causes, this strict adherence to the auspicious timing has brought them enough business not to open over weekends, public holidays and close whenever the supply runs out! Talk about haughty, and having every right to.

Nope, the haughtiness does not end there...

Surcharges climb with every additional portion of chilli sauce, soup, rice...and the list is never ending but no deductions are made if you opt out of either. Queues form so readily, the only moment the queues end is when they are sold out for the day.

black and white fish soup

Prices start from $5 for a portion of fish soup generously packed with fried fish and steamed fish.Both are cooked really well, firm and fresh fish used for both.

power chilli

Do douse the fish fillets in their special chilli sauce which is pretty awesome...think stingray chilli! Tangy and spicy...yummmy! The usual fish soup comes with fish, greens, tofu, tomato and an egg omelette fried to such nothingness, eating it just adds to the novelty. Who cares about fried egg threads when all you really need is good chilli and fish.

Mei Xiang Black and White Fish Soup
Jalan Berseh Food Centre
166 Jalan Besar

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