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Crystal Jade @ Plaza Singapura

These days Sunday brunches fall snugly into two categories; dimsum or pancakes. Since KFC broke my heart with their blueberry pancakes being "sold out", I had to seek solace in the next best alternative at Plaza Sing.

I have to credit the auntie at the storefront for being such a charmer, she managed to charm us into the restaurant for dimsum.



Never quite a fan of congee, this proved why I still do not fancy it much. Salty and watery though I liked the crackers that reminded me of Yusheng.

The rest of the items took quite long to arrive which kind of marred the mood for dimsum.

siew mai

Siew Mai

Ordinary stuff. Juicy, MSG-laden. Artificially crunchy prawns.

char siew pau

Char Siew Pau

Fluffy bun with savoury fillings, quite a decent one I must add.

molten custard pau basket

molten custard pau

Egg Yolk Custard Pau

I raved nonstop about it previously and placed it high on the pedestal...not that it no longer is but the filling seemed to be more watery here. Liked the pau tendency still...still a personal favourite.

Average dimsum brunch to start of Sunday and that was it.

Crystal Jade
Plaza Singapura

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  1. was at crystal jade at IMM last week and after paying the bill, saw that i was charged 30cents for water...

  2. oh dear...! I'll take note not to order water at crystal jade. ;s