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COVA @ Paragon


Tea time at Cova! Once a place that the rest of the food bloggers wanted to check out but was refrained from taking photos, the staff seemed oblivious to me though. Packed during fact, most tea places are brimming with people at tea time.

tea set

Assorted Pastries Set ($14)
The Italian way of doing Hi-tea, instead of the usual flower plates and tiers. I headed for the tea set where I could pick 4 of my favourite tarts. Choices were limiting unfortunately since most of the items were not refilled.

carrot orange juice

Carrot Orange Juice that was deemed "really delicious" by the waitress. Honestly, I prefer the canned ones better.

no 1 bestseller


The number 1 bestseller of the string of tea time treats - flaky pastry with custard and shaped like a cocoon. Lacked the familiar buttery fragrance I would expect of it. If number 1 was like this, I wondered what would be of the remaining.

cream puff

Bigne Chantilly

Here's number 2 chantilly cream puff - choux puff plumped with whipped cream. Uninspiring one, it was too much cream to begin with. Thankfully I stopped following their chart toppers after this.

Mini Lemon Tart

The mini lemon tart albeit dismal looking had a tangy lemon curd and sweet raspberry!

hazelnut puff

 Bigne Hazelnut

Finally ending with THE puff that should be ranked one. Hazelnut puff - tasted really like kinder bueno in a puff! Delish hazelnut cream.'

I won't be rushing to return anytime soon though their range of magazines and newspapers are good enough to keep you through the afternoon, if you don't mind a bunch of people perpetually eagle hawking your seat. wonder I took so long to try, somehow lacking in a certain finesse that TWG has though the former is authentically European.


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