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Coca Steamboat @ International Building

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On a whim, I went for a steamboat buffet at Coca. Coca used to be the IT place for steamboat once upon a time, for quality food and top notch prices. Over the years, it dwindled amongst the mushrooming hotpot places that I've given up trying to list.

For a weekday night, it was packed to the maximum with 3 seatings for the night; 6pm, 7pm and 830pm. The surprise fact of the matter was, even though we arrived early, there was no table available. Like a Hongkong teahouse, the chatter that filled the air would have been madhatter-ish..I could barely hear myself breathe, much less talk!

Suki Seafood
Fish Fillet
Fish Ravioli

Suki Meat

Thinly sliced Beef/Pork
Chicken/Beef/Pork Fillet

Suki House Specialties
Fish Glue
Shrimp Wanton/Dumpling
Pork Ball

Suki Vegetables
Golden Mushroom
Buna Shimeiji Mushroom
Chinese Cabbage
Winter Melon
Lotus Root

Suki Rice and Noodles
Garlic Fried Rice
Silver Noodle


Plates and plates.

sliced beef

One of the few plates I bothered with repeats.


Utterly bored and trying out with steaming an egg.

Of the spread, we only attempted two rounds of replenishment with two soup bases; tom yum and chicken stock. My vote goes to tom yum for a better punch and palate tantalizing meal. The only items I could bother for seconds though were fish glue and thinly sliced beef. The rest were oh-so-forgettable. The fish glue had alot more bite than the usual ones attempted at OK OK Shabu or Chongqing Hot pot. Same goes for their handmade meatballs as well. Their thinly sliced beef was really yummy with a dip of their special house sauce - a combination of chilli paste and what seems like thai chilli sauce.

chilli coca

Gone are the days where restaurants use the steamboat set up complete with the bottle of gas and having to use the clicker to ignite some flame...I much prefer that actually. Having to rely on the thermal cooker was a pain! 

Service is alright depending whose attention you garner. Pick a surly experienced worker and all you get is a blank stare...if you're lucky enough to get a young chap, all's fine and dandy.


Coca Steamboat
International Building
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