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Bobby's @ Chijmes

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bobby's 2

Happy hour on a Saturday has to be really rare for watering holes...the alcoholic quipped. The waitress confirmed that with "Happy Hour ends when the crowd gets too much."

bobby's 1

Anyhow it was barely sunset and both of us were craving for a drink...and Bobby's seemed more inviting than Harry's with a overdelayed (by several years!) match.


Killkeney ($10 nett)

Watching the drink settle was therapeutic with the various shades of brown. Not my kinda beer with the heavy bitter tones.

strawberry margarita

Strawberry Margarita ($11 nett)

Far from the strawberry margarita I was expecting...visually. It was more of strawberry freeze, outwardly but a mighty potent one.

Prices above are only valid during Happy hour...catch it if you can!

clam chowder

Seafood Chowder

Decent creamy soup..but then again, I'm not quite a huge fan of chowders.

coleslaw x ribs

Steel City Ribs ($39.50)
Served with sides of coleslaw and premium 3/8' cut french fries

When Bobby's has a tagline - Sinfully Tempting Ribs and recommend nothing but their ribs, it had to be fireworks-magical-spectacular. Promoted as "flake off the bone pack pork ribs", I knew in an instant it will not be a Naughty Nuri's repeat. Yes indeed, easy to pry from the bones...tender well smoked and flavoured ribs. However, fireworks were missing...don't get me wrong, coleslaw was creamy, fries were great but...just that missing link. I wonder if there is a Naughty Nuri's equivalent somewhere..

 chijmes before sunset

Before sunset..



Very randomly...I think Chijmes falls in the same category of Rochester Park and Dempsey for romantic places to hangout after nightfall.


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