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An update of the unhappy episode - taking without asking

Sticky date was top on the agenda when I brought the gfs there for a sweet finish. I was secretly hoping the standard would be consistent following the outstanding display at Wheelock place (inconsistencies are the only constant these days it seems so my hopes were honestly not high).

sticky date

Sticky Date Pudding with Icecream ($11)

A slight variation in presentation but it was still served piping hot with a generous drizzle of caramel sauce. Absolutely shunned by those on the diet. I love how it's still soooooo good - moist and packed with dates with every bite. Awesome, reaffirmed!

creme brulee cheese

Creme Brulee Cheesecake ($6.20)

Wow. Robert Timms is impressing me with every visit, regardless of outlet. Creme brulee in a cheesecake, as tongue in cheek as that sounds. Smooth curd paired with moist cheesecake, can it get any better?


The only thing that became a stickler amongst the company was their juices. No mention that it came in bottles. $5.50 for a glass of organic fruitjuice sounds too good to be true but anyhow their fruit combinations are interesting - guava and apple, pink grapefruit and organic mandarin and vit a combo.just felt like a ripoff after the first sip.

Otherwise, I'm continuing this love affair with Robert Timms! A pity that it remains a hidden gem inspite of its conspicuous location alongside 313 Orchard.


Ok, so THAT was the post that was lurking before the whole hoolabaloo about The House of Robert Timms ripping my pictures and ignoring ALL forms of contact and the final straw came just 2 days ago. Perhaps it happened even before that but I did a check 2 days ago only to see my comment on their facebook page DELETED.

Let's just set things right shall we?

1) I took the photos.
2) Blogged about it, spreading the love about their really awesome and consistent sticky date puds and desserts.
3) Get my photos ripped without permission.
4) Sent an email to them.
5) Had to "like" them on facebook to comment and ask for credit to be accorded to me.
6) Weeks went by, NO email response. Better still, my comment gets DELETED.

Business as usual.

Look, how difficult is it to  be credited for MY photos?

Says alot about the management does it not? After the whole fiasco of food bloggers' integrity being questioned for being obligated to write only the positive after food tasting sessions, here's another where I truly question the integrity of the restaurant. I am sure I am not the only one in this and surely, I will not be the last. SO please restaurants, do us a favour...saying thank you is only a click of a button away.

That being said, officially I am boycotting The House of Robert Timms...whether or not they serve the most awesome and comforting sticky date pud.

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.


  1. Phoebe, why did you even bother to give them a 2nd write-up again? You could have just skipped the 1st part in this post.

  2. hahahha because I already wrote it! :P