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Ubud Market

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I like to visit markets of anysort when abroad...that's where you get a slice of their daily local least, a step closer than mousing around in their malls or touristy belts. Strange or not, wet market shopping can be therapeutic - take in the sights, smells and activities.

Staying near Ubud market meant it became a permanent morning activity before heading out for sightseeing. Unfortunately, the draw of the place does diminish as the days went by but I loved how the pictures turned out here!

market buzz

Cleaner and neater than Ho Chi Minh's Ben Thay and Bin Thanh market...just two stories worth of repeated goods..

ubud market scene

The makeshift hawkers like those above do not stay throughout the day...had a glimpse of them when the market opens at 9am. By the time it reaches 6 pm when the market closes...they will be replaced by mostly slipper hawkers.

ubud market scene 1

A bunch of posies to brighten up your day? Spotted hydrangeas!

ubud market scene 10

Some kites perhaps...?

trinklets at ubud market

Trinklets for the home?

ubud market scene 3

Thought this was cute.


Accessories for the vain...lost count of the number we picked up!

ubud market scene 6

How about some food? Unlike in Ho Chi Minh where I garangly went ahead to attempt a local breakfast...I could not stomach any of these no matter how inviting they looked.

ubud market scene 5

Huat kuehs!

balinese breakfast

Or a bit of everything in that mess...

ubud market scene 7

A woman tucking into her breakfast whilst selling fermented fish complete with flailing flies.

ubud market scene 8

More of the bored. On the basement of this market lies a wet market...darkened walls full of grime and grit...fresh babi guling just meters away from the raw food...

ubud market scene 9

No fresh wriggling catch from the sea...just preserved fish.

Bargaining is always a must but the process is quite a different one for me. Being well trained by the psychological warfare the China markets put me through, I was out of place in Ubud. Gentle bargaining I say...barely a strand of hair is ruffled nor twitch of eyebrow...everything is negotiable with the softest of tones and much grace.

I sound like an idiot but I much prefer psychological warfare.

The only time I was so close to bringing some energy to the ended all too soon before any drama ensued! Even Ben Thanh market saw me witness my first ever market drama break out...knives and tussling included.

"40'000 rupiah", the first lady whispered.
The second stall also matched, refusing to budge.
"40 mam!" the first lady chorussed...
"No...30" I wagered my fingers in response..

This continued for a good 10 seconds and this guy appeared out of nowhere and concluded the deal.

Until I discovered the souvenirs I bargained so hard for were infested with a HUGE BUG and eggs. Grossed out. Thankfully they were willing to do an exchange.


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