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Sushi Tatsu @ Chijmes

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I dined at Sushi Tatsu yonks back when it was one of the tenants at Chinese Swimming Club. Then, I thought it was pretty good. Finally had the chance to dine at their CHIJMES outlet.We left it to the chef to make recommendations and hopefully serve up the season's best.

tatsu sushi

Either head the teppanyaki way or sushi counter which we did.

table setting

I miss dining in Japan so much.


Compliments of the chef - Stewed pork in carrots. A nice start to the meal I thought.

guess what!

The companion insisted I gave this a try - Pitan Tofu ($6)

century egg tofu

Century Egg Tofu

It was a hardened version of chawanmushi with crabmeat sticks sealed within the tofu and drizzled with a rich century egg sauce.

century egg tofu

Never quite tasted anything like this before, loved it!

tuna nato

Maguro Natto ($10)

Acquired dish. For one, I'm no fan of natto beans, for all the acky icky starch that it comes with. Maguro and natto somehow did not end in a happy marriage - tasted distinctly separate despite eating them together.

sashimi platter

Sashimi Mori ($70)

Of the platter, I probably only recognized salmon, prawns, scallops and tuna. Not too sure what the translucent slices are but those were amazing! Paired with a drop or two of truffle oil - yummy!

Shiro Maguro was a personal favourite, for the dense chewy bite it had.


Another shot of the salivating platter. Certainly not the freshest ever eaten but this was decent enough.

hotate sushi

Hotate Sushi ($10)

Puny sized, I did not need one bite to eat it. The scallop was halved and drapped around a miniscule portion of rice - somewhat shortchanged I felt!


Imo Manju ($15)

Yam croquette in soup.


Loved the texture of the yam mash, buttery soft and easy on the palette. Honestly, tasted like woo kok (crispy fried yam croquette). One hearty delight!


Nijimasu Yaki ($38)

Grilled fish to try, a rather plain tasting fish which required constant dabbing of the sea salt at the tail and fins for some taste. Nothing too impressive.

pork belly

Buta Kakuni ($15)

Pork Belly which was tasty but ordinary at best.

One of those meals that left me feeling just alright...not the greatest, nor the worstest...just mediocrity somewhere. I probably can think of other outstanding places with the same amount spent.

Tatsu Sushi
Chijmes, Block F

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