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SIN - DPS : Qatar Airways

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Middle Eastern carriers are increasingly getting popular these days as the preferred carrier for air travel. I decided to check out Qatar! Travelling by Qatar was a first for me this time to Denpasar - Bali.

The leg space is wider than the other airlines attempted - brownie points for that...extra comfort!


Touch screen entertainment was a first for me as some of the major airlines still operate on remote control. I actually liked the range of movies they had which was not totally Hollywood - Middle Eastern and Fillipino movies were part of the reportoire!

Service is bad, by Asian airline standards. Not half as bad as British Airlines but think surly aircrew...they mostly worked without smiles (save for a handful!), I should be thankful my food was not thrown at me. Paper mats were forcefully thrust in your face or on the pull out table and food passed to you harshly.


Sweets and wet napkins were offered all round. A different take from packets of nuts methinks.



No choice of menu - take it or leave it. It was chicken for both trips to and fro.


Packaged bread roll which was chewy but hovering between dry and fresh. A pity that the longer it was exposed, the harder it got.

Pasta salad with dory fish was the appetizer on the way to Bali. On the bland side but pepper and salt did the trick.


Braised chicken on the return trip with roast potatoes and root vegetables of carrots, long beans and radish. I avoided the tasteless salad.


No dessert on both accounts which was a tad disappointing. Just fruits.

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.


  1. Woa sounds bad. But Qatar Airways has just won the World's Best Airline 2011 in the Skytrax World Airline Awards!

  2. @xinli: YES. strange eh!

    @ice: hahaha it IS bad and i can't fathom the "world's best airline" award EITHER!