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Room with a view @ Carpenter Street

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room with a view

The only traces of its existence along the streets.


Room with a view, another of those cafes that have dual purposes - food for the soul and stomach.


Located on the 5th floor, it was fairly occupied for weekday lunch and was mostly filled with single diners. I guess, it's the sort of place that I have no qualms staying for an entire afternoon reading a book or magazine or playing with my laptop.


View of the cafe with chairs and tables that are easy to maneuver around.


Individual diners alike.

lunch grub

I was there for one thing and one thing alone.

carrot cake

Carrot Cake ($5)

Lauded their best seller and has been sold out on a number of occasions, I had to try it. Its moistness is unrivalled thusfar in the carrotcake league, even more so baffling without raisins. Mildly sweetened, each bite was wholesome.

jab at carrot cake

The cream cheese frosting with apricots and orange bits was delicious. Yet something seemed missing. Probably the decadence that Coffeebean and Cedele's Carrot Cake alludes that is lacking in Room with a view. I believe in basking in sin - have my cake and eat in, sinfully.

Room With A View
Carpenter Street

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  1. my favorite carrot cake <3 if you eat it with your hands, you'll realize that room with a view's carrot cake isn't exactly healthy either- it's actually pretty oily. love their iced coffee and scones as well!

  2. rwav's carrot cake is my favorite, the best carrot cake I've eaten! Cedele's carrot cake has gone downhill though. Have you tried Heart Bistro's carrot cake? It's 2nd best in my book, way too delicious, but I think it's too healthy for you hahaha.

  3. @stargirl: hahahah i knw it's yours and ice's fave cake! i shd find time for their scones....!

    @ice: so far ive eaten other cakes that have shocked the living daylights of me at cedele so their carrot walnut's still one of the better in their range. nopppe, not yet! but heard about it..heex...actually ive found another fave carrot cake! watch the fb upload later today. :) hidden gem!