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The Plain @ Craig Road

the plain

The Plain is not the latest addition to the all-day-brunch scene but it took me eons to head there. Located on an off-beaten track, my usual brunch haunts are quite strategic in terms of post-brunch activities.


Sparsely furnished, there's something gorgeous about the simplicity.

I get approached by a friendly waitress who introduces the sweets available for the day - chocolate cupcake and chocolate chip brioche which I meet with much disappointment. I was expecting a glass counter brimming with treats with at least a tart or two. What happened to their sticky date cake I was looking forward to meeting most!

one egg three loaves

Dean's breakfast ($10.50)
poached eggs on melted cheese and vegemite on sourdough toasts

$7 for single portions, $10.50 for double. 

"I'm so sorry the other egg got screwed up so just in case you're hungry, here's your order. The other egg will be served in just 2 minutes!"  The pretty server (whom I suspect is also the owner) cheerily explained.

Honesty, I dig. Well it's sweet enough of them to hand me the order despite missing an egg. I would rather have my food piping hot yet incomplete than have it complete and cold. Whether or not they took longer than 2 minutes, it bothered me not.

delayed egg

Poached eggs and I are not totally best of friends, neither are we's just one of those foods that I do not particularly love or hate. Given a choice, I do actually prefer my eggs 100% cooked or the ideal would be the most gorgeous daffodil yellow without the runnyness. Ah well, one of those foodie nitpicks I have. 

egg runs

A jab at the quivering poached egg revealed my kind of gorgeous yellow yolk, half runny but I did not mind it this time. Done to such precision, the egg white was thankfully not overcooked.

watch it spill

Yolk art.


Loved the mild seasoning of salt and pepper here. There is nothing I hate about melted cheese, it's absolute comfort food and paired with vegemite on crusty sour dough, I was in for a lovely brunch treat! Vegemite toast is no stranger to me, having enjoyed tons of these in the schooling days - marmite spread on bread. Lovely memories of those.

Whoever this dish is named after, Dean...I'm so loving you.
By normal circumstances, I would prefer not to have my sandwiches without meat but this may change my mind about it.

Warm homely service is part of the experience at The Plain. They go all out to make you feel so at home. Loving it! Australian brunch is what they specialise in but having not been to Australia, I shan't comment on how authentic it is. At least, I left belly happy.

I'm gonna hunt down the sticky date cake and possibly indulge in another poached egg dish soon!

The Plain
Craig Road

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  1. Totally can see your reflection in the first shot hahaha.

    We had a go at their sandwiches, not bad too. And the Affogato was nice!

  2. @daniel and ice: TSK! And you BOTH had to point it out!