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Naughty Nuri's Warung and Grill @ Ubud, Bali

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naughty nuri's

Enroute to the spa place, the driver nudged us to give Naughty Nuri's a try. Jakarta Post and The New York Times have picked up stories on this I guess it already sets the stage for a massive meal. It is hard to miss this stopover along the road with the copious amounts of fumes that their grill emits. Racks of pork ribs getting ready to be given a BBQ sauce polish before being grilled a droolicious caramel brown. Of course, chicken and burgers are also on the menu but nothing can steal the limelight away from their ever famous ribs.

jakarta post

Jakarta Post pays tribute.

drawing of nuri's

Charcoal drawing of the restaurant.

wall of fame

Wall of fame.

ready to grill!

Yes, you heard me right. Ribs in Bali. To set the record straight, the Balinese are mostly Hindu by religion though the rest of Indonesia is Muslim.

roadside grilling

Since 2004, the prices of their famous ribs have nearly doubled; from IDR 45,000 to a whooping IDR 79,000. Inflation at its finest, or a pure opportunistic move by Nuri's. Whatever the case, everyone near and far seemed to be headed there for their ribs alone with a couple of tables heading for burgers and fries.


Love the wall of handwritten!


Think smoking hot meaty ribs with a BITE! As much as most places insist the all American ribs should be tender and easy to tease from the bone, I actually prefer mine with a meaty bite and sweet finish.


The only nitpick I have of their ribs is, the further you sink your pearlies into the meaty bits, it does get a tad bland. The seasoning is at face level but hey! It's really darn good.

Martinis I hear are awesome too...but I did not fancy one under the scorching weather.

Tony Roma's who? It's Naughty Nuri's please! Someone should just franchise this place. Akin to Sunset Grill's laidback concept at Seletar Airbase.

nuri's nacho

Their mexican venture is just doors away!

Naughty Nuri's Warung and Grill 
Jl. Raya Sanggingan 
Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

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