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Mozaic Restarant @ Ubud, Bali


Mozaic is regarded as Bali's yardstick for fine dining, no fanciful michelin stars attached to it. Friends who went have highly recommended dining there and reservations are naturally a must before going there. The pain point has to be reconfirming the reservation on the day of dining else they will give up your table and place you on waiting list.

Mozaic is located in a offbeaten path of Ubud, highly inaccessible without transport. Do not bother with the roadside taxi drivers who claim they offer "cheapest rates", I had the lovely experience of haggling with an opportunist of a cab driver (you shall read all about it in another entry!).

bar interior

Entering the doorsteps of Mozaic brought me into a Middle-Eastern themed hall.


From the chandeliers to the velvet walls and cushions...middle eastern influences! We were brought to a cushy corner for our drinks orders and browsing of the month's menu before being escorted to the dining area proper.

mozaic menu

One tempting menu with only set dinners.

drinks menu

Drink menu.


An orange cocktail that was really potent, loved it!


Complimentary choux puffs with truffle cream served at the lounge.

truffle choux puff

Pleasant tasting!

mozaic cosy

Stepping out of the hallway was a surreal experience - almost as if I entered an enchanted forest with all the lush greenery, candle lights and pebble steps. With an ambience so romantic and cooling surroundings, I can understand where Dempsey or Villa Bali got its inspiration from.

table setting

Waiters are prompt to take your orders and not before long, our amuse bouches were served up. We tried out two menus for that day - tasting and discovery.


Discovery menu had Balinese influences in the dishes whilst tasting menu was more european. The former made use of 6 main ingredients; Lemongrass, Tumeric, Balinese Spices, Keluak nut, Coconut.


Bread loaves!


Complimentary bread of olive bread and grain bread only served with french butter, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Both were served hot off the oven, so soft upon touch...I felt so guilty when I tore them apart. Strange or not, fragrance triumphed over taste.

amuse bouche 1

Amuse Bouche of cherry tomatoes in a shooter glass. With Iggy's and Bo Innovation taking the lead in presenting incredible tomato dishes, Mozaic's fell short, unfortunately.

tuna x watermelon

Daun Sere
Seared Yellow Fin Tuna Fillet, Compressed Watermelon and Lemongrass Broth

Rather separate in tastes, seared tuna and juicy watermelon.


Crispy Seared Ocean Scallops, Lemon and Tumeric Dressing, Cauliflower, Walnut and Laksa Leaf

AMAZING. Scallops done so awesomely well, even in the darkness..the baby pink hue shone through. Fresh scallops with a slight bounce and sweetness, paired with a daring tumeric dressing and laksa leaf...perfection, indeed.
babi guling

Bumbu Bali
Slow Roasted Pork Belly, Balinese Spiced Reduction, Bangkuang, Cucumber and Mustard Seeds

High class babi guling, I cannot quite figure out if I do love or dislike babi guling having tried both Ibu Oka and Mozaic's interpretation. It is a spiced dish with a "chicken" taste to it, perhaps attributed to the way the protein was presented or marintated.


Braised Wagyu Beef Cheek, Kluwek Nut Broth, Oyster Mushroom and Fresh Calangal

I have issues with taking a prized cut and slow cooking or braising it. The melt in the mouth consistency gets me confused - whether it was from the wagyu or braising. Nonetheless, loved the kluwek nut broth - so very tasty!

predessert sorbet

Local Lemon Basil Gelato, Honey Cream and Lemon Pepper Tuile

One stunning of a pre-dessert. Citrusy and refreshing gelato which could pass off as sorbet in all its lightness. Mega love!

Daun Kor
Frozen Valrhona Chocolate and Curry Nougatine, Curry Gel, Coconut Sorbet and Semi Dried Banana

In all its complexity, it was really just valrhona chocolate shell with chocolate mousse. Semi dried banana was hilariously just dried banana.

Chef's Tasting Menu

amuse bouche 2

Amuse Bouche of a cream-like sphere with walnuts. Flavours were bland but I guess this worked for textures, with the nuts.

king prawn

Grilled King Prawn and Spanish Chorizo
Creme Fraiche and Lemon Verbena Balsamic Reduction

I love king prawns, mainly for the succulent bite they have. It was a cracker sitting on top a king prawn salad. Chorizo was missing somehow but I found it average at best.

ocean trout

Confied Coral Trout
Pickled Quince Fruit, Orange Rocks and Curry Meuniere

In comparison with the amazing scallops served up at the same time, my coral trout nosedived. Liked the zesty candy orange rocks that melted away so readily and quince fruit but coral trout...there would have been alot more expected out of it.


Smoked Foie Gras and Cured Duck
Yogurt Sphere, Raspberries and Olive Powder

The first moment into the tasting menu that I declared stunning. Bestest foie gras? Amen. I remember eating the worst foie gras in M on the Bund in Shanghai, since then...I have been wary. Buttery morsel of heaven, so luxurious! Loved everything in the dish!


Milk Fed Veal Loin
Fresh Pasta Linguini, Wakame Gel and Smoked Milk Foam

When foam is used, I normally think that they are hiding something more spectacular beneath it or trying to create a fine-dining dish. In this case, it was the latter.


Fresh pasta linguini? The noodles clumped together so stubbornly, I would have mistaken it for overcooked mee suah. Slurpworthy? Thankfully so with the milk foam but the veal loin was really just alright.

I miss Gunther's Angel Hair Pasta big time, already.

cheese toast

Soft Whipped "Greuil" Cheese Curd
Pata Negra Ham, Vintage Balsamic and Wild Mushroom "Vierge"

I actually chose cheese toast over sorbet as a pre-dessert and regretted doing so the moment I took a bite. Fresh Ginger Flower sorbet sounds so much better already! Choosing savoury after a string of savoury is a no-go, mental note.

hazelnut puffs

Baked Hazelnut Chocolate Phyllo
Fresh Nashi Pear Sorbet and Tumeric Emulsion

Saving grace! Pear sorbet was feathery light, the chocolate phyllo were absolute blissful pastry packages of chocolate sauce and hazelnuts..!

hazelnut cream

It was totally Kinder Bueno in a pastry.

petit fours

Petit Fours

Two teasespoons were served;

Strawberries sandwiched in sliced of thickened cream (or seemed like panna cotta stiffened) - blah.

Caramel jelly - Uber duper yummy!


The complexity of ingredients and display far exceeds the taste in majority of the dishes with a couple that were deeply etched in the mind.

Service was spotless..nothing that I can ever find fault with...ambience was beyond incredible.Largely patronized by foreigners, there was hardly a local in sight.

Just once...not too sure if a return is a must but I've done Mozaic!

Discovery Menu ~ IDR 650,000++
Chef's Tasting Menu ~ IDR 850,000++


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