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Morton's Bar Revisited @ Mandarin Oriental

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Back at my favourite bar, Morton's Bar for some happy hour loving. It's no known secret how awesome their martinis are, neither is it a secret that they serve complimentary filet mignon sandwiches are to-die-for. In every sense of those words. Getting a table, is but more than arduous. Unless you can get yourself down at the doors by 430pm to be the earliest bird in line or by latest 5pm, do not even bother going down.

Was so addictive, I headed there on two consecutive days. Packed, is definitely an understatement.

martinis love

World famous martinis.


A newfound love for appletini laced with cinnamon powder. Apple and cinnamon? Sounds like a recipe for sheer pleasure.

The usual favourite of lycheetini. If you think martinis are the world's most universally loved drinks and no bartender can ever go wrong with them? Horribly wrong, I've ever attempted them. Morton's Bar still does them sooooo good. They used to be more potent though, either that or my tolerance for liquer has gone up. Majority of those I've posed the question to, think it's the latter.

classic martini

Either way, a classic martini never goes well for me. Too much of a brain freeze with the bitter caustic taste it leaves. I'm hardly a fan of neat liqeur, ever.
filet mignon\


Nothing can ever stand in between me and my favourite filet mignon sandwiches. Soft toasty buns with a sliver of prized tenderized filet mignon charred to such perfection...and such a droolicious pink. I drool just talking about it. These get served per 20 minutes session so the cheapskate like me would try to stay throughout for a good fix of it.

Bestest happy hour deal...ever. I reckon the queues on the daily basis will continue, until the next self indulgent-self imposed holiday!  Service is blotchy, depending who you get. Some show clear preference to non-Asians (which for the living daylights of me cannot understand). Case in point; everyone is only allowed one serving per platter yet some get at least three at a time.

Anyhow, I suppose I'll be dreaming of the next happy hour till it comes.


Morton's Bar
Mandarin Oriental

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  1. im not VVVVVIP enough to get that privilege. they do walk-ins only.