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MEDZS @ Orchard Central

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MEDZS entrance

Medzs is a Mediterranean-style Marche concept eatery plugged relentlessly by the various media - papers, online and perhaps blogs. Under Food Junction, I was pleasantly surprised to uncover the connection. Located on B2 of Orchard Central, it takes up half a floor and is fast becoming the next place to be at.

more stalls

Take your pick!


Mediterranean is as exotic as it sounds and just someday, I'd step foot on their gorgeous islands and beautiful people - Think Queen of Morocco!


For the uninformed (like me!): The Mediterraneans is made up of Algeria, Cyprus, Egyupt, France, Greece, Italy, Libya, Malta, Morocco, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel and Syria


Sure enough, it is Marche gone Mediterranean with options from France, Turkey, Morroco, Spain and Greece, just to name a few places. Anyhow options are limited. Takes you under 30 seconds to make your rounds and attempt to get lost.


Buzzer alert!


Place your order and get handed a buzzer which I was promised that my food would be ready in "minutes", definitely not. Wait till it goes off like an alarm to collect your food. If you're lucky it's hot if not lukewarm. The odd thing about it is, it was barely filled and waiting time ranged from 5-10 minutes or longer. Unlike Marche where service is prompt, the waiting time can potentially put customers off.


Turkish Corner
Hot Plate Chicken with Cheese and Mushroom

Tomato-based hotplate with ingredients that look, smell and taste like they accompany pizza very well. I should have ordered a side of pita bread (if only it looked more palattable!).


Lamb and Prune Tajime

Praised to the skies by the foodies on Soshiok and New Paper, I'm beginning to suspect my tastebuds.

lamb and prunes

2 measly portions of lamb with a bland gravy to match and 3 sesame-speckled prunes. Sounds tasty? I wonder where's the wow factor of this - save for the cone shaped clay pot it came in.
France Rotisserie and Grill

pork belly

Pork Belly ($10)

Looked promising with a thick cut, definitely not for the faint hearted. As much as I am a fan of lean meats, this was done pretty well - flavours and melt in your mouth fats. Decent, if not the best of the three attempted though the main grouse was the temperature; lukewarm was an understatement. A fair portion for the price accorded.

The range of dessert is pathetic. It could be the plating of the desserts or presentation but something is lacking when you find plates of dessert looking stale and dry chilling under the aircon - think plates of apple crumble or poorly put together waffles and crepes. Even the macarons looked unappetizing behind the glass panel.

Did I feel like it was a trip to the Mediterraneans? Most certainly not! If this was a foray into its cuisine, I'm afraid...I'd never step foot in Europe. Disappointing visit and it may take more than Wong Ah Yoke's dazzling review to get me to return.

Orchard Central Basement

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  1. went there just recently, I agree the desserts looked pathetic.

    The Turkish food is decent though and I love the rosti with sour cream.

    The DBS discount made it more affordable.

    Fear not, the food is Europe is probably better (as long as you are not in a tourist eatery).

  2. @xinli: haa...i can't think of anything good about that place! perhaps it's the choices made. Yep! DBS disc eased the dissatisfaction a weebit.

    I'M SURE! I don't thk i ate anything that bad in Europe. :x