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Ku De Ta - Bali Vs Singapore

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night view ku de ta

Post Sky on 57, the counterparts were keen to check out Ku De Ta. Personally, the interest level was low since Bali was already on the cards and the entrance fee was a killer. (Not so worthwhile, the chiongsters have feedback) Apparently, it goes to the tune of $50 with a drink thrown in. Thankfully, there was a Ladies Night special going on on Wednesdays, free entry with a drink and lucky draw for a bag sponsored by the kind folks at Reebonz!

If you've read so far, no I was not one of the lucky winners of the Miu Miu Metalasse Bag that I'm sure the wardrobe would have made way for despite staying up till past midnight waiting for the precious phonecall.

Complimentary drink of house spirits, wines or beers...I went for white. Too acidic and hard to swallow. Space is hugely limited at KDT, bar notwithstanding...the smoking area is right smack where view is the best - of CBD and all the glittering nightlights. Non-smoking area had infinity pool for compensation but all tables were reserved or occupied, as expected. With house music spinning, the night was closing in on me barely 30 minutes there. Standing around and trying not to get in the way of bartenders is difficult business.

KDT and all the hype? I was already sure that KDT Bali would be tons and miles better.

indian ocean view

Sprawling view of the Indian Ocean. Picture perfect!


Deejay spinning music on a Sunday afternoon makes it oh-so-blissful!


With swaying coconut trees too!


KDT is located in Seminyak, an area in Bali that spells a-t-a-s-. Impossible to go without a car, its exclusivity is upped a couple more notches with tight security at the gates - they scan cars for bombs! Facing the Indian Ocean with a endless stretch of beach, it is less clustered than Kuta Beach but there is just something about it that is specially catered for the tourists and expats.

I headed there on a Sunday and the inflatable castle was out, children's activity corner as well and there was a pool for the kiddos to splash around whilst their parents took a dip in the ocean or sun bathed. If only there were empty sun beds to sip my drink in...I would have gladly packed a bikini for some sun kissing!


No warm water is served, only bottled water is. Ok, my bad for trying a cheap charlie antic here in such posh surroundings.

romeo and jules

Romeo and Juliet (INR 190,000)
Grilled zucchini, white anchovy, dried chilli, candied lemon, parmesan


Nice pizza not great though. In all that savouriness and adventurous use of ingredients, it was a decent pizza.


Hibiscus and Strawberry Bellini (INR 110,000)
Muddled strawberries and fresh lychees mixed with homemade hibiscus syrup and topped with crisp sparkling wine


Presented in a champagne flute..I needed a flowy dress and a flower tucked behind my ear to live the carribean dream; though Bali really is as beautiful as Asia's paradise can get!

kdt colada

KDT Colada (INR 190,000)
Premium rums, apricot and passionfruit liquers, pressed pineapple and orange juices, oven proofed rum and nitrogen charged coconut foam, toasted coconut shavings

Looked and described better than it tastes however, a tad watered down in fact. While I appreciated all the hoolabaloo that came with it, I wasn't pleased as punch with my colada. Un-breezy, much as it looked the part!

KDT Bali wins Singapore hands down, no qualms about that. In terms of sprawling area, the former already nails it with such a huge area, with a bar downstairs and dining upstairs as well.It's more of a lifestyle brand being marketed in Bali with a retail shop with their branded apparel and towels for fans of KDT and want a piece of it.

I love it because of its soooo scenic and leisurely, I can obviously spend an entire day sitting by the beach under the canopy with glasses and glasses of drinks...heaven, it is. The winds that blow amazes me how breezy it can be! Especially with a sun so scorching, the winds are incredibly refreshing. 

Until recently I was told that KDT Bali and Singapore have absolutely nothing in common - apart from the same name. Menu is completely replicated to match. If KDT Bali wins the lawsuit, I say don't bother with the local one.

A brilliant marketing concept that started off in 2000...I say, though it's founded by a french born balinese architect, KDT has become iconic of Bali. There's so much to do within KDT that can last an entire day, from brunch to mid day lazing to watching sunset to dinner and chilling! How impressive is that? I'm not one who likes to be confined in one area but for KDT, I'm a willing soul! I. Will. Be. Back.

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.


  1. Nice! You did alot of research ah? Anyway I was lucky enough to be able to dine at Ku De Ta once cuz my friend is their marketing exec :D

  2. haha quite! I always end up with too many things and places to try wherever I go. ;x ahhhh lucky yoooo! I remember reading that post. SG KDT is way too ripoff to attempt for food though. *oops* read about their prized cut of beef available there...thk I rather head to CUT instd!

  3. I think I can possibly vegetate my life away at KDT Bali. So wanna go.

  4. hahaz, tell me about it! there's nothing i hate about bali...! ok, apart from the meals that I didn't enjoy but overall..experience was great!

  5. Hey.. Cover of $50 only apply on fri and sat night and eve of PH from 9pm onwards... The rest of the night.. There's no cover charge at all.

  6. I never been visit this place, but it sound interesting :)
    hopefully on my next visit to Bali, I could come