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Kou Cuisine

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koh cuisine

Stumbled upon Kou Cuisine's shop one day and it is described as "local balinese food produce" - perfect for souvenirs! The shop is quaint and pint-sized..

random shop

Love the whites used.


Somewhat slanted shelves stocked with jars of happiness.

shelves of

Cookies or jams for you? Their packaging is so organic...would give crabtree's range a run for its money anyday!

jars of jam

Right smack at the entrance is a row of handmade jams for sampling. Of the line of fruit jams, I set my eyes on caramel jam. Lusciously rich jam The sound of it already made me drool with images of freshly made pancakes or toast...! Perfect recipe of bliss for Sunday.

milk caramel jam

Priced at IDR 35,000 these aren't exactly cheap but I can't wait to embark on my caramel jam food-ventures soon!

They should consider setting up a cafe with jams as a focus, should think it'll be a hit!

Kou Cuisine
Jl. Monkey Forest, Ubud

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