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ETNA Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria @ Duxton Hill

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Girlfriends I have many, I honestly find it easier to connect with girls than guys. To some, that is a ghastly discovery. Girlfriends with different interests and amazes and amuses me how I've met each group and how far we've progressed along the years. This was one of those groups that I meet once or at most twice a year but once put together, we are a force never to be trifled with. We've probably got enough saliva to drown the condemned within the short time frame of bantering.

ETNA over Jackson's Plan, not too sure if it was a right decision but food definitely was not top of agenda for the night. Reservations are highly recommended, they were nearly fully booked for the night and with a steady stream of customers too!

Truth be told, when it was at Lau Pat Sat, I barely batted an eyelid at it nor considered walking in. Location, does matter afterall. The girlfriends left me out to dry in the bustling restaurant and I was so close to nibbling the table cloths and forks before the affable owner came round.





"I hope it's not your boyfriend." He mused with a smirk.

"Definitely...not! He'll get it big time if he made me wait this long!" I chuckled. Sweet kind soul of him to get me warm drinks.


Complimentary bacon bread with olive oil and balsamic. It crumbled like a cake, no refills needed.

baked chicken breast

Baked Chicken Breast with Mozarella Cheese and Parma Ham, served with Graten Potatoes ($28)

With strong features like mozarella and parma ham, I expected an overload of sodium or at least leaning towards salty dish. Bland it was oddly. I madly peppered it with dashes of chilli powder and parmesan cheese. Thumbs up for a succulent chicken breast but that was it. Italian....where?


Homemade Egg Pasta in Minced Beef and Pork Meat Tomato Sauce ($19)

The egg pasta was a thicker version of mee pok but clung together so readily, I sheepishly admit splashing the bolognaise sauce on the walls unintentionally in my tussle with the pasta. Homecooked flavours exuded throughout the dish, lacking the wow.

etna pizza

Etna ($25)
Mozarella Cheese, Porcini Mushrooms, Parma Ham, Cream Cheese, Pistachio (from Bronte in Sicily)

ETNA is known for their white pizzas and with a recommendation coming from the owner himself, we had to give it a go! Pistachio was visible but hard to discern. Parma ham did justice to the pizza, lovely flavours.

No time for their famous pistachio tiramisu...what a waste!

ETNA is easy to like, but to love it the same way I adore Al Forno, Cugini and Otto, much has to be done. That being said, I love the location.

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