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Herworld's feature on brunch places got to me...and pancakes have been burning such a raging craving...I've been forgoing the molten custard pau crave in search for fluffier pastures. Cedele came to mind since they offer all day brunch dining at selected outlets.

big breakfast

Potato Pancake, Eggs (Scrambled, Fried Egg Рsunny side or over easy) and Tomatoes with Choice of Bacon Rashers/Saut̩ed Mushrooms/Sausages

Potato pancake that looked like a crepe with all the layers..looked like a whole lot of hardwork went into a single potato pancake! Imagine the effort in slicing the potato so fine and then layering it to form a mille feuille equivalent and then sent off for frying.


Despite smelling immensely fragrant, the layers could barely be tasted...just a panfried potato cake in short. The scrambled eggs and mushrooms were forgettable though.

blueberry pancakes

Wild Blueberry Pancake
Wild Blueberry Pancake with Vanilla Butter and Maple Syrup comes with choice of Bacon Rashers or Sausages

Between Food For Thought's and Cedele's...this was less impressionable. I had flashes of Mcdonalds' hotcakes (had to be the maple syrup!) while plying through three slabs of blueberry encrusted pancakes. Soft and fluffy no doubt but lacked the density I so desired. The sausages were unfortunately boring and bland.

I wish I had space for a scoop of my favourite seasalt caramel icecream or a slice of the enticing strawberry shortcake. Brunch at Cedele was pleasant simply because I had my pancake fix and whiled away time in a cafe on a lazy Sunday morning. The crowds barely trickle in till noon so that leaves one with enough time to take things slow and not scurry through breakfast. How luxurious is that!

Cedele is also one of those places I will not hesitate to return for dessert cravings. Yet for once, I was disappointed.

lemon bar

Lemon Tart ($11)

Shockers of all shockers, I failed to realise this was served ala carte at $3.90 and for the additional berries, strawberries and chocolate sauce there was a huge markup of 300% at least. Ridiculous pricing and definitely not worth the price. Described as a "meal cake", I thought it was ordinary lemon cake at best with mild hints of lemon. "wake me up cake"? Yes, the price and being utterly ripped off. The miniscule portions did little to alleviate the dissatisfaction.


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