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Cafe Wayan and Bakery @ Ubud, Bali


The original plan was to book a room with Shah Alam for its gorgeous facing of the rice paddyfields...imagine waking up to an oasis of plants! As much as I do not hugely fancy six legged and winged insects...I thought it would be a tranquil and rustic experience. Anyhow, the conclusion was...they were fully booked. 


The tempest.





DSC_0063 (2)

Cafe Wayan was just opposite of Cinta Inn which was double happiness since I had every mind to check out the much talked about Cafe and they were really one of the few places offering Indonesian dessert without any tourist influence in the vacinity!



Death by Chocolate

A must try as recommended by three different waiters. Decadent valrhona chocolate this is not, yet there were remnants of brownie origins ringing throughout the dessert. 


Thick mousse-like texture with meringue piping at the sides and a dish of chocolate sauce to bathe the dessert in. They made sure you really had death by chocolate - loved it. Coming from a non-chocolate fan, I risked pimples and it was a well calculated risk.


Coconut Meringue Pie

I must have been deluded by either the pie over the counter or the memory of P.S. Cafe's lemon meringue pie OR...anything yellow has to be lemon. It was a through and through coconut dessert, from the toasted coconut flakes, to the meringue to the filling right down to the crust. 

Only coconut fans allowed. It reached a point where it was an overkill and finishing it was difficult, I have to admit. Of the whole dessert, I adored the coconut crust best. Crunchy with a whiff of coconut and embedded with tons of coconut shavings. 

A scoop of icecream would have eased the overkill methinks.

DSC_0072 (2)

Kueh Dardar Guling

First time there it was sold out, I was bent on trying them out. It smelt heavenly, infact anything pandan infused smells great! 

DSC_0084 (2)

Thin crepes stuffed with coconut, nothing too spectacular or worth running back to Bali for. Perhaps I have never been a huge fan of kueh dardar, this was just alright for me. 

DSC_0075 (2)

Chocolate Sensation

Less spectacular than Death by chocolate, this was chocolate sponge with layers of chocolate mousse. Old school in taste but that was it.

Cafe Wayan and Bakery
Monkey Forest Rd., Ubud, Bali

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